Penny Mayes

Penny Mayes is a 20-year homeschool veteran mom who loves integrating history with art history and hands-on art projects through streaming video at Take Time for Art. Her passion is to bring history to life with visual storytelling through art and hands-on art projects.  When she isn’t making entertaining videos for Take Time for Art, she is a wife, mother, and grandmother.

Workshops from Penny Mayes (may vary by event location)

Created to Be Creators

Art. It’s something that we all want our children to know about, and the first subject to get dropped when life gets busy. How important is art anyway? Visual artists aren’t even mentioned in the Bible, or are they? Did you know that one of the first men in the Bible who was mentioned as being filled with God’s Spirit was the architect and artisan of the tabernacle? And like Bezalel, the craftsman of the tabernacle, we are created in God’s image and created to be creators. Join us as we examine the life of the Biblical artist, Bezalel, and why we should get art into our homeschools.