Peggy Alier

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Atlanta, GA

Peggy has been involved in Christian education for over 35 years as a homeschool mom, classroom teacher, substitute teacher, tutor, and elementary-level curriculum writer. Substituting in a Christian special education school and working with her own struggling learner at home led Peggy to pursue further training through a special education degree. She has the desire for every child to acquire the tools he or she needs to reach their full God-given potential. Peggy and her husband, Arnold, live in South Carolina. They have three grown children. Peggy stays in touch with homeschooling as her oldest daughter homeschools three of their grandchildren.

 Peggy Alier

Workshops from Peggy Alier ( may vary by event location )

Adapting Curriculum for Struggling Learners

Discover ideas for planning, scheduling, and adapting materials to meet your child’s learning style.

Getting the Message

Does your child struggle to grasp the writer’s message when he reads? Come and learn some strategies that can help your child read for understanding.

A Field Trip: More than a Day Out or Memorable Field Trips or Making Memories

Make the most of a day out. With a little planning you can change an everyday outing to a field trip that enriches your child’s learning and provides a memorable experience.