Noah Underhill


Columbus, OH

Noah Underhill is enjoying his Junior year with all its homeschool learning adventures. He has a deep love of music & theater and enjoys expanding his knowledge of both by participating in local community choir & theater. Noah wants to share his experiences at TTD so that he can encourage other homeschool families.

 Noah Underhill

Workshops from Noah Underhill ( may vary by event location )

Our Highly Sensitive Homeschool Family

Those with a Highly Sensitive Personality trait view the world through different lenses. In a homeschooling family with one or more highly sensitive people, extra doses of grace and love must be extended daily. In this workshop, my teenage son, Noah and I will give you a peek into our sensitive world with loads of practical tips on how to thrive as a family. We look forward to sharing with you how we are finding joy in our sensitive family journey.