Nicki Truesdell

Nicki Truesdell is a Christian, wife, mother of five, and grandmother of one. She is the author of Anyone Can Homeschool, blogger, speaker, and book lover. Nicki is also a second-generation homescooler. She writes and speaks encouragement to parents about Christian home education in any family dynamic, on any budget, and with any special need.

Workshops from Nicki Truesdell (may vary by event location)

Five Easy Steps to Make History Fun

Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it. How terribly true this is. While you probably understand its importance, you might be thinking “I wasn’t taught history, either” or “I don’t remember anything!” How can parents make history fun in their home without a background in history? Nicki will share five simple steps to brining history alive, with any curriculum, and with any age group. When you make it memorable and relevant, history will have a lifelong impact.

Overcoming obstacles to home education

Nicki shares her testimony of the ups and downs of abuse, single motherhood, poverty, health issues, and more, and how these obstacles did not change her conviction to homeschool. By focusing on her hope, faith, and trust in God, she kept the big picture in front of her, and adapted the education of her children along the way.