Megan Hutson

Megan Hutson was homeschooled K-12th grade and graduated high school with 27 hours of Dual Credit hours. She then transferred and earned a B.A. in Mathematics. Megan spent the next 6 years teaching high school math, where her focus was on helping at-risk students succeed. She is now a homeschooling mom of two and has a passion for helping other moms be successful in homeschooling their children.

Workshops from Megan Hutson (may vary by event location)

Planning, Scheduling & Organizing

Do you feel as though you are throwing your school year together as you are running full speed ahead? Do you find yourself surrounded by piles of unorganized and ungraded work? In this workshop we will talk about ways to plan your school year to prevent feeling as though you are “winging it”. We will also work through some different options of scheduling and organization to help find a plan that will work best for your family.

Brain Organization

Elementary Science Lab Demo

One of the best ways to help your elementary aged children get excited about science is to get their hands messy and try experiments! In this workshop we will walk through experiments involving gravity, states of matter, geology, insects & more. We will work through how to apply the Scientific Method and find practical ways to modify experiments using items you already have around your house. Let’s discover new ways to explore science together as a family.