Mary Yates

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Rogers, ARWaco, TX

Prior to homeschooling her 3 sons, Mary worked at Acxiom Corporation as a Data Administrator for 15 years. She has been blessed to be able to homeschool the boys for 11 years. Since 2011, she has also worked as a HomeWorks Consultant and is passionate about empowering home educators to be more effective. You can find her conducting workshops throughout Texas where she teaches motivational strategies, systems, routines, habits, time management tips, meal planning helps, and more. Small changes can make a huge difference - sometimes the difference between finishing only 1 class during the day or finishing them all. Attending this workshop may be exactly what you need to live a less stressful life and get more done in less time as a wife, mom, teacher, cook, bookkeeper, maid, chauffeur, and all the other things you do to keep your family running smoothly.

 Mary Yates

Workshops from Mary Yates ( may vary by event location )

Hope for the Discouraged Homeschool Parent

Where are you in your homeschooling? Barely getting by or already a pro? Learn four lessons from Noah’s life, struggles, and obedience and how they pertain to homeschooling. Discover six habits, systems, and routines that can make the difference between barely getting by and going to the next level in your homeschool.