Mark Pruitt (aka “Captain College”)

Mark Pruitt is Assoc. Director of Admissions for Harding University and has been on a college campus for over twenty years. When Mark entered college, his method of studying was the same that got him through high school – the “Night Before” method. Like most students, he stayed up late the night before the exam and crammed everything in. However, when this method repeatedly proved unsuccessful, Mark set out to develop a new study method to truly master the classroom material. The result was a study strategy Mark named The 4 Study Steps. When he followed these steps, he learned the material better than he ever had in the past and made a 95% or higher in every college class!

Mark is the author and producer of the college prep curriculum: Making the Grade and loves conducting college prep seminars around the country. He and his wife Kim have three extraordinary children.

Workshops from Mark Pruitt (aka “Captain College”) (may vary by event location)

College Prep 101

Master the art of learning at the college level and dominate ALL your classes!

Homeschool to College

How to Take Notes and Tests in College

Ace your tests without staying up all night.

Homeschool to College

Time Management 101

Get more done in less time so you can have a blast in school.

Homeschool to College