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Mark Hamby

Lamplighter Ministries International

Mark Hamby (M.S., M.Div., Th.M., D. Min. cand.) is founder and president of Lamplighter Ministries International. He lives in Northeastern Pennsylvania with his wife, Debbie. They have three adult children living in various parts of the country. Jennifer is the graphic arts and illustration director for Lamplighter. David works for Apple and oversees video production for Lamplighter. Jonathan, their eldest, is married, lives in CA as a commercial broker, and functions as his dad's personal counselor!

*As author, speaker, and Bible teacher, what Mark enjoys most is helping his audience to remove the mask in order to expose the heart. Through the genre of storytelling and the life-changing power of God's Word, Mark's audiences learn that when humility is the foundation for authority, conflicts are resolved and relationships restored.

While his children were young, Mark's role as a shepherd taught him many leadership principles: "a shepherd leads, feeds, and protects,"? and "when our lives speak louder than our words, others will follow."? After experiencing an extraordinary redemptive transformation within his family, Mark went on to publish his first book, which gave birth to Lamplighter Publishing and later expanded into Lamplighter Ministries International.

Lamplighter Ministries has begun its largest undertaking with the inception of Lamplighter Theatre, in which the Lamplighter family collection of rare books is adapted for radio drama. Now heard on over 1600 radio stations in 25 countries, listening to Lamplighter Theatre's riveting radio dramas is quickly becoming a favorite "family activity",? enjoyed by both children and adults. In a shifting culture steeped in amusement, Lamplighter dramas present godly role models who inspire a thirst for God. Each breathtaking episode, while keeping listeners on the edge of their seats, is resolved with a solid sense of God's thoughts and God's ways.

Mark hated to read when he was young. In fact, he had never read a book from cover to cover even after receiving a college degree. But Mark's life changed dramatically after meeting Charlie T. Jones, whose words he will never forget: "You will be the same today as you will be five years from now, except for the people you meet and the books you read!"? That statement, along with the twelve biographies that he read soon after, changed the course of Mark's life forever. He is still praying the prayer that he found in that first book, "The world has not yet seen what God can do through one man wholly committed to Christ; I pray I be that man."

Truly, Mark's life and testimony are evidence that there is a God who can do exceedingly abundantly above all that we can ask or think!

Workshops from Mark Hamby ( may vary by event location )

Raise Them Up, Don’t Crush Them Down (formerly The Strong-Willed Parent)

Children need to hear the beating of our hearts rather than the beating of our voices. Listen to their words and you will discover their heart. Rules can change behavior, but they can’t change the heart. Discipline is necessary for purposeful disobedience, but irritating character flaws are transformed by mercy. As each day begins with new compassions, only then will children feel safe to admit their faults and seek help from those they love. It is love, not fear, and grace, not law, which rescues their hearts. Join Mark Hamby as he shares his experience as a shepherd and the unforgettable lesson that you don’t become a shepherd just because you own sheep.

The Art of Storytelling: Developing Discernment in an Age of Distraction

Join Mark Hamby as he explores how the Hebraic art of storytelling cultivates the discipline of discernment. Through the story of Ecclesiastes 12 and prodding influence of the Ancient Shepherd, the biblical principles of delight, truth, and wisdom will help parents and children gain essential knowledge to distinguish between good and evil, fact and fiction. As children and young adults develop their worldview through the exercise of their senses (Hebrews 5:12-14), they will gain an objective filter to test all things (1Thess. 5:21-22). Finally, we’ll discover how the five eternal truths parallel Romans 4 & 5, demonstrating how children can be fully convinced that all things really do work together for good to those who love God (Romans 8 & Eccles. 3).

The Epic Battle between Wisdom and Folly

Join Mark Hamby as he takes you on a tour of Proverbs chapters 1-9, demonstrating why the “fear of God” is a prerequisite to His love and how the fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge and wisdom. If this is truly the beginning, then why do we search for knowledge in so many places? Learning to love what God loves and hate what God hates will be foundational to a child’s worldview. As the story unfolds, experience the unforgettable tensions between Wisdom’s ways and Folly’s entrapments. Both Wisdom and Folly promise prosperity, prestige, protection, and pleasure. Learning how to distinguish between Folly’s false promises and Wisdom’s guiding truths will help children to develop discernment to avoid false flatterers (peers), beguiling beauty (pornography), and enticing touches (addictions). Through the knowledge gained in this seminar, parents will be equipped to help their children reclaim their vitality and virtue!

A Great Awakening: The Mind, Media and Imagination

This seminar promises to be a great awakening in an age when images deaden our senses and rob us of creative imagination. Based on the timeless principles of Romans 4 and 5, and 2 Peter 1, parents will discover why stories with characters of unwavering character are essential for children of all ages, in all subject areas. Believing that you will be the same five years from now as you are today, except for the people you meet and the books you read, calls for a rebirth of inspiring moral literature! In this dramatized lecture, be prepared to laugh and be brought to tears as Mark Hamby demonstrates the power of character-based literature and exposes the foolishness of Folly’s seductive influences prevalent in today’s “Christian” literature. All attendees will be given an annotated bibliographical catalog of inspiring Christian literature written during the 17th–19th centuries.

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