Dr. Mark Hamby

Dr. Mark Hamby uses stories of Christlike character to offer Christ-centered hope around the world. As founder and president of Lamplighter Ministries, he has published 235 books from 17th to 19th-century literature and produced 29 audio dramas heard across 30 countries. He shares how to find hope and healing for the problems in our families, media, culture, and literature.

Workshops from Dr. Mark Hamby (may vary by event location)

The Art of Story Telling: Developing Discernment in an Age of Dystopian Disorder

The themes of love, compassion, courage, and friendship that dystopian heroes promise as the new rule of order sound good in a story but they do not work in the real world. Love without absolute truth leads to hypocrisy and eventually, oppression. Some may argue that dystopian stories demonstrate sacrificial love but their agenda behind their love is to overthrow what they see as oppressive authority. If Jesus were living on earth today, his Father’s requirements and assignments for him would be seen as oppressive and tyrannical. Submitting to the will of God under difficult trials demonstrates the highest degree of trust and love. Obedience to the Father’s will is the real battle that we must all face. Children need to be guided carefully in this confusing culture so that they recognize that one’s fight is not against their parents or spiritual guides, but against spiritual wickedness that is making good look evil and evil good (Is. 5:20; Heb. 5:7, 8; 2 Pet 1). In an age of amusement, stories are now exciting the sense which circumvent reason and foster gullibility. Through the art of storytelling parents will learn how to test the worthiness of stories to see if they inspire godly character that is costly, compelling, and heroic (Rom. 5, Eccles. 3, 12, Song. 8; 2).

Biblical Worldview & Culture, Discipleship, Early Childhood, Health, Parenting, Relationships

The Epic Battle Between Wisdom and Folly Parts 1 & 2 combined

Travel through Proverbs 1-9, and learn why the “fear of God” is a prerequisite to His love and how the “fear of the LORD” can turn careless children into cautious thought-full decision makers. Learning to love what God loves and hate what God hates is foundational for a child’s worldview to develop properly. As the story of Wisdom unfolds, experience the unforgettable lessons of Wisdom’s ways and Folly’s entrapments. Both Wisdom and Folly promise prosperity, prestige, protection, and pleasure. Learning how to distinguish between Folly’s false promises and Wisdom’s guiding truths will help children develop discernment to avoid false flatterers, beguiling beauty, and enticing touches, especially with their peers and the culture at large. The choreography that Solomon has created in these chapters provides an unforgettable dramatic unfolding of truth of epic proportions. One lesson among many is that when one follows Pleasure, she will bind, restrict, and addict, but when one follows Wisdom, Pleasure will follow, bringing freedom, restoration, and rewards. Through the knowledge gained in this seminar, you can lead children to the house of wisdom to enjoy the enduring benefits of favor with God and man.

Bible, Biblical Worldview & Culture, Discipleship, Health, Parenting, Theology

Raise Them Up, Don’t Crush Them Down

Children need to hear the beating of our hearts rather than the beating of our voices. Listen to their words and you will discover their heart. Rules can change behavior, but not their heart. Discipline is necessary for purposeful disobedience, but irritating character flaws are transformed by truth and loving correction. As each day begins with new compassions, only then will children feel safe to admit their faults and seek help from those they love. It is love, not fear, and grace, not law, which rescues their hearts. Join Mark as he shares his experience as a shepherd and the unforgettable lesson that you don’t become a shepherd just because you own sheep.

Bible, Discipleship, Early Childhood, Health, Parenting, Relationships

Let Me Go! Resolved Conflicts and Restored Relationships

Based on the manipulative life of Jacob, his rival relationship with his brother, the lack of relationship between his mother and father, and the many stressful marital conflicts, the stage is set for a child’s life of deception and self-deception. In this session, parents and teens will learn how their pursuit of unconditional acceptance can lead to a life of manipulation, control, and rebellion. Not realizing that grace (unconditional favor) is always free, they try to earn the right to be loved as they confuse the costly assignments that God gives for His blessing. Journey with Mark and Jacob and learn how to find unconditional acceptance in all the right places; but be prepared to fight because once you’ve found what you are looking for; you’ll need to fight for your life and the lives of those you love! This seminar is based on Mark’s two years of research for his thesis, covering sibling rivalry, marital conflict, parental insights, and the truth that unlocks God’s grace and blessing.

Bible, Discipleship, Encouragement, Growth