Marc Hays

Marc is lead curriculum developer for Classical Conversations. He researches and writes curriculum and textbooks for the Debate and Reasoning Strands of CC’s Challenge programs. His family has been involved in CC for 11 years, and he has been employed by the company for six years, previously serving as a Challenge III/IV academic advisor and the academic director.

He is the author of the Analogies for All of Us textbook and the winner of the Silver Medal Illumination Book Award for Analogies for All of Us. Marc loves the English language and learning more about how humans think and use words, sentences and paragraphs. He is fascinated by analogies, poetry, and the use of dialectic, and rhetoric to communicate with one another.

Workshops from Marc Hays (may vary by event location)

Why you need to know history in a changing landscape of politics

How do cultural norms change when its citizens forgot their culture’s history? When a nation’s people abandon their historical past, that nation begins to fall apart. However, not all hope is lost. By remembering history and resuming cultural norms forgotten to the past, there is always hope for a brighter future. Come listen to how you can make that future a reality with your children.

Classical Education, Encouragement, History