Mandee Hamann

Mandee Hamann is a businesswoman and a former Early Childhood/Elementary pastor with an additional 10 years of youth ministry experience alongside her husband, Jeremy. After her own family struggled with toxic screen dependency, Mandee became a ScreenStrong Ambassador and is committed to spreading our delay message. She lives in Iowa with her husband and three children. Mandee has been working with ScreenStrong since 2020.

Workshops from Mandee Hamann (may vary by event location)

Kids’ Brains & Screens.

Our Kids’ Brains & Screens Seminar covers the science behind healthy brain development, effects of screens on the developing brain, and symptoms of screen overuse. From toddler to teen, you will look into your child’s world of video games, social media and smartphones. This seminar is designed for parents who have kids with problematic screen use. We will go behind the scenes and show you how to make practical changes in your day-to-day life in order to balance screen use for children of all ages. Learn to manage screens wisely and reduce the screen conflict in your home. From video games to social media, you will learn how to free your children from screen addiction and start getting your kids back.

Early Childhood, Parenting, Technology