Lori Smith

Scio Academy

Nashville, TN

Lori Smith graduated from the University of Maine in 2004 with a degree in Mathematics and computer science. She has been married since 2001, and currently homeschools her 5 sons. In 2002, she started working with homeschooling families with tutoring mathematics and helping to run a Shakespeare theatre group. She has worked as an education center director at her church in Maine to help local homeschool families thrive in teaching the core subjects to their children. With a passion to keep the freedom and power of homeschooling in the hands of families, she strives to come alongside parents on their journey and offer tools that equip them to succeed. In 2017, her education center went online at Scioacademy.com and exists today as a mathematics tutoring membership and literature discussion group for parents to continue to provide a solid core curriculum for their students. In the past, she has worked with classical conversations to tutor and direct at the challenge level, and has volunteered as a youth group leader in her local church. Recently, her family moved to TN from ME and are finding their feet in the grand ole south.

 Lori Smith

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How to discuss great literature with your high school student

Middle and High school students don't always know how to think or have time to process everything that they've read. Even with great comprehension skills, they can struggle to really understand the implications in what they are reading. Modeling great thinking skills out loud with our students through discussion is a simple habit that we can use to equip our older kids even amidst the chaos of life. Let's explore how to have simple meaningful discussions with our older students and show them how to think about what they are learning.