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Linda Kane M.ND, Author, Sound Therapy Specialist, Behavioral Consultant and International Lecturer, entered the field of special needs in 1977 with the birth of her oldest son, who was diagnosed with Down syndrome. Scott was born at a time when the standard recommendation was to institutionalize children born with DS. Refusing to even consider such a thing, Linda and her husband, Lee, ventured out on their own looking for answers that would help their son. Sadly, most of their early education was finding what did not work. They were fast becoming veterans of numerous unsuccessful programs and therapies. Through this search for answers, Linda found The NeuroDevelopmental Approach in 1989.

Realizing the life-changing effects of this approach, Linda entered into an eight-year apprenticeship in the neurodevelopmental field. She expanded into specialized fields through extensive training in Auditory Integration Training, Auditory Enhancement Training, Behavioral Management, Samonas Sound Therapy, Feeding Therapy, Oral Motor Therapy, Primitive and Postural Reflexes, and TKM® (The King Institute Method). Lee and Linda founded Hope And A Future, Inc. in September, 1999. Hope And A Future's primary mission is to give hope and specific help to families involved with learning challenges, developmental needs, genetic syndromes, brain injuries, Autism, and visual/hearing impairments as well as guide those families of typically developing and/or gifted children.

Linda firmly believes the potential of an individual is determined by the opportunities presented to them. Nothing in all creation can compare to the amazing capacity and adaptability of the human brain. Traditional thinking has believed there are limits to the brains capacity. Research into neural plasticity of the brain (the brain's ability to change and adapt) is greatly changing how we work with brain injuries, learning inefficiencies, sensory problems, and genetic syndromes. This is how we can help all children, or ourselves, reach our fullest potential.

Hope And A Future guides families by giving them the expertise for working with the specific, individual needs of their precious family member/members.

 Linda Kane

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Let's Fix It!

The path to reaching our full God-given potential includes being neurologically organized. When you have a child who experiences any of the symptoms listed below, you have a child who is not neurologically organized. When a child is not neurologically organized, school is difficult, parenting is difficult and that child’s life will be challenged forever. This session is for you! Come find out exactly what to do to turn the situation around. When the challenges go away, joy and a positive environment can return.  Academic Concerns  Memory Breakdowns  Out-of-control Emotions  Social or Maturity Issues  Tantrums or Meltdowns  Behavioral Concerns

Teaching the Most Effective and Efficient Way for the Brain!

Homeschooling families often agonize over what curriculum to use. They get caught up in trying to teach to their child’s learning style. Are they an auditory, visual or kinesthetic learner? What if your children all have different learning styles? Teaching to your child’s learning style will absolutely limit them. The goal should be to make every child effective learners in all learning styles! Why visualization and conceptualization are critical parts of learning? Is math taking hours? Is reading just not clicking? Is spelling a nightmare? Is penmanship painstakingly slow? Children learn when their brains are properly stimulated and organized. In this session, we will explain the most efficient way to teach math, reading and spelling. We will give help with penmanship. You will learn to teach any child more effectively!

Home Educating When There Are Challenges

Whether your child has a special needs label, a learning disability concern or they are just not learning like they should, this is the session for you. We will give insight and understanding into why your child/children are struggling and what to do to turn those struggles around. Your child’s potential is dependent upon opportunities given to them. We will show you how to give your children greater opportunities, so they can succeed. You will be given specifics for how to implement those greater opportunities in daily life. Learn how activities lasting a mere 2-5 minutes could make a dramatic difference for your child’s future. Help your child overcome to reach their fullest, God given potential.

Building a Strong Foundation for Learning - At Any Age

What you do the first five years of life will impact your child's learning for life. Those “preschool years” are critical for building a strong foundation for all children. The potential of any individual is based upon the opportunities and stimulation presented to them. When enhanced and targeted stimulation is introduced in the early years, you can avoid the mistakes which ultimately have significant consequences. For every hour you spend specifically stimulating your children during their first five years, you will save at least eight hours later in struggles. A child's first years are precious, complex and wonderful! This information is beneficial for those children beyond preschool, as well, as you will learn if they missed any critical stages of development. The great thing about the brain is you can always go back and strengthen its foundation at any age. Finally, let’s talk about good, wise, healthy choices for our growing families.

Conquering ADD, ADHD, and Dyslexia

When you go to the internet and look up Dyslexia, ADHD and ADD, what you find is very bleak, no-solution and life-limiting information. The words “NO CURE” are frequently stated. The truth is that Dyslexia, ADD, ADHD and other Learning Disabilities are often nothing more than Neurological Disorganization. Neurological disorganization which can be reduced greatly and often completely eliminated through proper organization of the Central Nervous System. The brain is an amazing piece of God’s creation and has the ability to change. There is hope because of the plasticity and redundancy of the brain! Do not believe you have to live with Dyslexia, ADD, ADHD or Learning Disabilities for the rest of your life. We have witnessed thousands of children and adults greatly improve their function and lose those labels through the NeuroDevelopmental Approach.

The Sensory Child

There may be nothing vaguer, scarier or uncertain then receiving a label of Autism for your child. If your child hasn’t been labeled Autistic, but has many of the sensory seeking behaviors, what do you do? There are many opinions and therapies for treating Autism or sensory issues. What works? The costs can be astronomical. In this session we will share what we have learned, over the past 25+ years, working coast to coast with families dealing with Autism. We will discuss the various diets available, vaccination choice through informed research, sensory issues that interfere with learning and life and the multitude of therapies offered. We have seen what works and we have seen what has not worked with thousands of families.

Pieces of the Puzzle - Neuroplasticity

The NeuroDevelopmental Approach is like no other approach to human development. It is unique in its way of looking at the whole individual, not the separate pieces. Taking the individual pieces and understanding how they interrelate, helps you look at the entire individual, will greatly enhance what you do with your child. We will discuss neuroplasticity and how the amazing central nervous system God created works. From the moment of birth brain cells die. Every second, every minute, every day brain cells die. Although brain cells continue to die, the brain increases in size. The increase in size and weight of a maturing child’s brain is a reflection of the growth of the connections between the brain cells. The brain grows connections through stimulation – specific stimulation. Whether your child is typically developing, brain injured, has a genetic concern or learning challenges this information will greatly help your children and thus enhance your homeschool experience.

The Four Steps of Learning

Learning consists of four steps. No matter what is going on with an individual, each person (whether special needs or typically developing) should go through these same 4 steps. First, the brain receives the information being inputted. Next, the brain must process the information it has received. Third, the brain needs to store that information. Finally, the brain has to use the information. Again, this four-step pattern for learning is the same for every person. There are multiple factors which can affect each step of learning and cause corresponding challenges. In this session, learn about these 4 steps of learning and how to optimize each step to become an excellent, efficient learner.

The 3rd Step of Learning - Getting What You Teach to Stick!

Do you always feel like you are teaching and re-teaching? Is the homeschool environment becoming negative because the frustration levels are so high? Do you feel like things are quickly going downhill and you dread every day? Do you wonder if the school system might actually do a better job than you? That is understandable because there is nothing more heartbreaking than seeing your child struggle. There is hope! There are solutions! There are reasons for what you are experiencing and there are techniques for completely turning the situation around. Come learn hands on things you can do to make a difference.