Linda Kane

Linda Kane M.ND, Author and International Speaker entered the field of special needs in 1977 with the birth of her oldest son, who was diagnosed with Down syndrome. Scott was born at a time when the standard recommendation was to institutionalize children born with DS. Refusing even to consider such a thing, Linda and her husband, Lee, ventured out on their own looking for answers that would help their son. Sadly, most of their early education was finding what did not work. They found the NeuroDevelopmental Approach in 1989 and had dramatic results. Scott transformed from being totally in his own world to becoming an active, engaging, semi-independent young man.

Realizing the life-changing effects of this approach, Linda entered into an eight-year apprenticeship in the neurodevelopmental field. Additionally, she has extensive training in Behavioral Management, Feeding Therapy, Oral Motor Therapy, Primitive and Postural Reflexes, Auditory Training and Sound Therapy.

It became Lee’s and Linda’s passion to share the NeuroDevelopmental Approach with other families in the same situation. This passion led to their founding “Hope And A Future” in September 1999. Hope And A Future’s primary mission to disseminate information, give hope, encouragement and help to families has led Linda to write two books, The NeuroDevelopmental Approach…There is Hope And a Future, and It’s All About the Brain! Eradicating Dyslexia, ADD, and Other Learning Challenges.

Linda loves teaching practical, targeted stimulation, which will help children reach their full potential. All children, whether typically developing, gifted, learning challenged, or special needs can benefit from the abundance Linda shares during her sessions. The

Workshops from Linda Kane (may vary by event location)

Let’s Fix It!

When the brain doesn’t receive, process, and store information learned adequately; there will be corresponding memory, emotional, behavioral, and sensory challenges. When there are blocks to learning, things tend to turn negative, bringing frustration and disorganization into the home. Everything can change!
The path to reaching our full God-given potential includes becoming neurologically organized. When you have a child who experiences any of the symptoms listed below, your child has not achieved neurological organization. For those living neurologically disorganized, it means school is challenging, parenting is difficult, and that child’s life will remain challenged forever. If any of the symptoms below apply to your child, this session is for you! Come find out exactly what to do to turn the situation around. When the challenges go away, successful learning, joy, and a positive environment can return.
 Academic Concerns
 Memory Breakdowns
 Out-of-control Emotions
 Social or Maturity Issues
 Tantrums or Meltdowns
 Behavioral Concerns

Brain Organization, Encouragement, Parenting

Equipped to Conquer: Homeschooling When There are Challenges

Struggling with learning challenges and special needs often makes school difficult, the environment negative, and leaves the parent’s feeling hopeless. There IS hope and help that can turn the entire situation around! You can do it! You CAN homeschool when there are challenges!
Your child is precious! Whether they have a special needs label, a learning disability, behavioral concerns, or they are just not learning as they should, this is the session for you. Linda will give you insight and understanding of why your child is struggling and what to do to turn those struggles around. Your child’s potential is dependent upon the opportunities presented to them. We will help you learn how to give your children more excellent opportunities so that they can succeed. You will discover specifics for how to implement those more excellent opportunities in daily life.
Learn in this session how activities lasting a mere 2-5 minutes could make a dramatic difference for your child’s future and how you can help your child overcome to reach their fullest, God-given potential.

Brain Organization, Encouragement, Parenting, Special Needs

Conquering Dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, and Other Learning Challenges!

Dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, and Learning Disabilities are not diseases. They are not permanent obstacles that an individual must learn to settle and live with. A person with these labels does not need coping or compensating skills. These are all symptoms of neurological disorganization. Don’t live with them….eliminate them!
When you go to the internet and look up Dyslexia, ADHD, and ADD, you find very bleak, no-solution, and life-limiting information. The words “NO CURE” are frequently stated. The truth is that Dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, and other Learning Disabilities are often nothing more than Neurological Disorganization. Neurological disorganization can be significantly reduced and often eliminated through proper organization of the Central Nervous System. The brain is an amazing piece of God’s creation and can change. There is hope because of the plasticity and redundancy of the brain! Do not believe you have to live with Dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, or Learning Disabilities for the rest of your life. We have witnessed thousands of children and adults significantly improve their function and lose those labels by utilizing the NeuroDevelopmental Approach and organizing their central nervous system. It’s All About the Brain!

Brain Organization, Encouragement, Special Needs

The Sensory Child

There may be nothing vaguer, scarier, or more uncertain than receiving a label of Autism for your child. It is the same for parents who have children who display sensory-seeking behaviors that have not received a label. LABELS LIMIT! Yet, not knowing how to help your child get beyond the labels can leave you feeling helpless and hopeless.
There are multitudes of opinions and therapies for treating Autism and sensory issues. What works? The costs can be astronomical! This session will share what Linda has learned working coast to coast with families dealing with Autism and Sensory issues. Linda will discuss the various diets, the sensory issues that interfere with learning and life, and many of the promoted therapies suggested to parents.
We have seen what works, and we have seen what has not worked with thousands of families.

Brain Organization, Encouragement, Health, Nutrition, Parenting, Special Needs

Teaching the Most Effective and Efficient Way for the Brain!

The most important aspect of learning is the brain! It’s All About the Brain! Let’s sort it out. You will walk away knowing and understanding efficient and practical techniques for teaching math, math facts, phonics, reading, spelling, and penmanship through proper input and brain stimulation.

Homeschooling families often agonize over what curriculum to use. They get caught up in trying to “teach to” their children’s learning style. Are they auditory, visual, or kinesthetic learners? What if your children all have different learning styles? Teaching to your child’s learning style will limit them. The goal should be to make every child an effective learner in ALL learning styles!

In this session, Linda will answer the frustrating questions listed below as she explains the most efficient and effective way to teach math, reading, spelling, and penmanship. Linda will help you teach all of your children more effortlessly!

 Why visualization and conceptualization are critical parts of learning
 Why math taking hours
 Why reading just not clicking
 Why spelling a nightmare
 Why penmanship is painstakingly slow

Brain Organization, Encouragement, Math, Reading / Phonics