Linda Kane

Linda Kane M.ND, Author, Teacher, Speaker has a passion for helping all children reach their full, God-given potential. The brain, critical for learning, is overlooked. Linda gives a wealth of practical information you can use at home, from over thirty years of working with thousands of families who have encountered limiting learning challenges or special needs. Learn to improve or eliminate them!

Workshops from Linda Kane (may vary by event location)

Eradicating Learning Challenges and Struggles

Don’t LIVE WITH learning challenges or labels. RADICATE THEM! There is nothing more difficult than not knowing how to help your struggling child. Linda will give you reasons for the struggles, and activities to stimulate the brain to produce lasting change. God created us with a specific blueprint. Anything missed or not complete with that blueprint causes challenges (symptoms) to develop. By organizing the brain and improving processing, you can eliminate the symptoms, and the challenges go away. Help ALL your children succeed in every area of life through the Neurodevelopmental Approach!

Brain Organization

Equipped to Conquer: Homeschooling Special Needs, the Sensory Child, and the Child You Don’t Know What to Do With!

You are the expert on your child! Home is the best place to homeschool your precious child with special needs. You can do it! Linda will teach specific, targeted activities for improving their sensory, processing, visual systems and for increasing overall function and ability. Linda will give help with behavior and social needs. Linda will offer a wealth of information from 30 over years of helping families help their children become the best of who God created them to be. Stimulating the brain improves function and helps our children achieve greater than the expectations for them. No limits!

Brain Organization