Leslie Nunnery

Leslie Nunnery is a prominent figure within the Christian homeschooling community. As the co-founder of Teach Them Diligently, she pours her heart and soul into supporting families on their educational journey, blending Biblical Parenting principles with top-tier Home Education practices. With a string of authored works, such as “Teach Them Diligently: Raising Children of Promise” and “Heart School: How Amazing Parents Become Excellent Home Educators,” Leslie’s expertise shines through. Beyond the written word, she captivates audiences as a sought-after speaker and the driving force behind the Teach Them Diligently podcast, where she imparts wisdom and ignites passion for effective parenting and homeschooling. Leslie has an unwavering dedication to nurturing families through faith-driven education.

Workshops from Leslie Nunnery (may vary by event location)

Heart School- How Great Parents become AMAZING Home Educators

Homeschooling is a great thing. It provides the finest quality, tailored education your children can have, and it gives you the opportunity to build relationships, explore the world together, and so much more. But homeschooling is not an end in itself. Rather, homeschooling is a fantastic tool for discipleship and growth. In this session, we’ll explore how to order your days and manage your homeschool in such a way that you are always going for the HEART of your homeschool.

How to Create the Perfect Homeschool For your Family

This workshop will be foundational and helpful for a family at any stage of homeschooling. The 5 big ideas presented could potentially revolutionize your family life and homeschool. There will be five seed truths that we will discuss to help you focus on what matters this summer and to lay the foundation for next homeschool year well before you embark upon it.

Only YOU Can Do It! Becoming The Mom (or Dad) You Want Your Children To Have

Whether by birth or by choice, you are called to love your children deeply and to teach them diligently—and that specific privilege of being their mom and dad is reserved for you alone! During this hour, we’ll explore how you can become the mom or dad you really want your children to have—and that God has created you to be.

The Power of Prayer For Parents

Are you strategic in the way you pray for your children? For your husband? For yourself? Let’s look together at how God will fundamentally change the way you approach parenting, marriage, and every other area of your life through the way you pray. Then, we will all spend some time praying together in a very directed way that is sure to be a blessing and encouragement to all.

Refocus on Marriage (Women Only)

The world is full of messaging that breeds discontent— your finances are not enough, your opportunities are not enough, your marriage is not enough, etc. Instagram and Facebook absolutely breed that discontent and encourage us to lean into it and feast on it. So, it’s time to refocus our hearts and minds on truth. It’s time to determine in our hearts that we will look at our relationships the way God designed them to be. So today we’ll focus in on that human relationship that’s the bedrock on which all of our others are built— our marriage. We’ll see how God designed it to be and how focusing in on the truths found in the Bible can transform our marriages from the inside out.