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Leslie Nunnery is the co-founder of Teach Them Diligently Convention along with her husband David. She is the homeschool mother of four children who range in age from 13-20.  God has given her a strong burden to minister to Christian families to help support, encourage and equip them to disciple their children, protect their marriages, and serve God in the ways He has planned for them. She is an advocate of home education with a strong focus on discipleship which is evidenced in her writings and the events her family produces. She is the author of Teach Them Diligently, Raising Children of Promise. She is also heavily involved in mission endeavors through Worldwide Tentmakers, for which her husband serves as president and Teach Them Diligently supports.

 Leslie Nunnery

Workshops from Leslie Nunnery ( may vary by event location )

How Do You Teach Them Diligently? Tips for Discipleship-Focused Parenting

Most of us want to parent our children in such a way as to point them to Jesus, but do we really understand what that looks like? Join Leslie Nunnery as she gives Biblical insight into just what Discipleship-focused parenting actually looks like by examining the principles taught in scripture and giving personal examples of how that plays out in our modern world.

Getting Started Homeschooling Mini-Event Q and A

Join Leslie Nunnery and several veteran home educators and writers as they answer your questions about homeschooling and life as a homeschool family.

Rethink Education

Now, more than at any other time in history, thousands of families are RETHINKING EDUCATION every day. Many of these families have the same big, scary questions that are holding them back from starting on the journey that lies before them. In this session, we'll answer of the questions that are truly foundational—you may be surprised at some of the ones I left out! These questions are all too big to answer in full, but I hope the answers provided will get you started on your way to RETHINK EDUCATION whether you are currently a home educator in need of a refresh or you’re just now considering it.

The Way You Pray Will Change the Way You Parent - and How You Live

Are you strategic in the way you pray for your children? For your husband? For yourself? Let's look together at how God will fundamentally change the way you approach parenting, marriage, and every other area of your life through the way you pray. Then, we will all spend some time praying together in a very directed way that is sure to be a blessing and encouragement to all.

How to Create the Perfect Homeschool for Your Family

This workshop will be foundational and helpful for a family at any stage of homeschooling. The 5 big ideas presented could potentially revolutionize your family life and homeschool. There will be five seed truths that we will discuss to help you focus on what matters this summer and to lay the foundation for next homeschool year well before you actually embark upon it.

Leadership Summit: Roundtable Discussion

Leslie will host a roundtable forum with all of the Summit attendees and discuss topics common to homeschool group leadership. How to avoid burnout, share tips for communicating with your groups, and talk through common struggles and how to overcome them. This will be a great opportunity to share testimony of your group’s successes and to learn valuable insights from your peers and the veterans among us. 🙂

For the Heart Of Your Homeschool

Homeschooling is a great thing. It provides the finest quality, tailored education your children can have, and it gives you the opportunity to build relationships, explore the world together, and so much more. But, homeschooling is not an end in itself. Rather, homeschooling is a fantastic tool for discipleship and growth. In this session, we'll explore how to order your days and manage your homeschool in such a way that you are always going for the HEART of your homeschool. 

All Those Nuts and Bolts Of Homeschooling

It seems that for many, their first question when considering home education is about the nuts and bolts of homeschooling, and in this workshop Leslie will walk you through choosing curriculum, planning, organization, and lots more... after she tells you why that's not really the most important part of what you'll do as a homeschool parent!