Lenny Esposito

Come Reason Ministries

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Lenny Esposito is a president and founder of Come Reason Ministries, and has been a professional apologist for 20 years. He has authored hundreds of articles dealing with intellectually strenuous topics such as the existence of God, theology, philosophy, social issues, and Biblical difficulties.

 Lenny Esposito

Workshops from Lenny Esposito ( may vary by event location )

Building a Bullet-Proof Faith in a Backwards World

The stats are clear. Once they leave home, Christian kids are leaving the church in alarming numbers. How can we help young believers stand up to the continual onslaught of peer-pressure, professors, and pop culture pushing them away from the faith? In this session, noted apologist Lenny Esposito provides parents and young people with specific tools to solidify their faith and help them see why Christianity makes the most sense of our world.