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Laura Macfarlan is a veteran homeschool mom to four young adults. Through her Cross My Heart Ministry and blogging at, she delights in sharing some of what she learned the hard way, as she aspired to be a Mary in a Martha world. Laura’s passion is the Word of God and her enthusiasm is contagious … you will be treated to practical application served up from a Biblical perspective, and leave inspired to find peace and joy in your homeschool that can only come from God and His Word!

 Laura Macfarlan

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3 Simple—But Significant—Steps to Transform Your Homeschooling Journey

Home education is not for sissies. In choosing this lifestyle, your family embraced a journey that brings tremendous joy — but also daily stress and challenges that can seem overwhelming, at times. Because no one understands a homeschool mom like someone who is walking the same path, Laura Macfarlan (from A Reason For Homeschool) wants to introduce you to “M.U.M. 3D,” a simple framework that helps women commit to supporting and nurturing one another in intentional, authentic relationships with others who share their passion and calling. Whether you’re a homeschool group leader who is wants to minister to the mothers in your group or a mom who’s looking for a way to stop feeling overwhelmed and isolated by the demands of home education, “M.U.M. 3D” can be tailored to your needs. It works well with a small group of 3-4 women, but is equally effective in a one-on-one support partnership. Join Laura to learn how to impact moms — and the kingdom of God — through this meaningful program.

10 Ways to Prepare Your Child for Advanced STEM Studies

Many homeschool parents are comfortable with history and English lessons, but far less confident covering STEM subjects – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. As the wife of an engineer and the mother of two more (one with a Master’s degree, the other working on a PhD), Laura Macfarlan has a wealth of experience in this area. Come hear this veteran homeschool mom’s tips for teaching STEM subjects with confidence, making it fun, and even learning along with your children.

But How Will I Teach Them to Read?

Reading is the foundation of every subject we teach. Before moving on to history, science, or literature, a child must first be able read. We all understand this truth, but it’s intimidating to many homeschool parents. The rules of phonics, mastering letter sounds, understanding the plethora of exceptions in the English language ... all these things make many of us throw up our hands in frustration. Guiding Reading is an effective, research-based alternative to traditional phonics-based programs, that has been widely adopted in both public and private education. Are you worried about teaching your child to read? Maybe you’ve even considered sending your kids to school until they've learned to read? If so, come learn about this highly effective approach, and an exciting scripture-based program that utilizes the Guided Reading method.

Write the WORD Revival!

Buried way over in Deuteronomy are instructions written to Israel’s future king – long before the first one ever existed. The instructions include, “...he is to write for himself ...a copy of this law...” As a homeschooling parent and believer, you may fervently pray that your child grows up to serve the King of Kings. Why not start on the right path by following the instructions for Israel’s king? Surely, by writing God's WORD, we are preparing our kids to know it and live it. Veteran homeschool mom, Laura Macfarlan, will inspire you to add writing the WORD to your homeschool plan, as well as your own quiet time. Her passion, love for God's WORD, and free helpful resources will propel you to join the Write the WORD Revival!

Mary Heart + Martha Home = Peace & Joy

When the word home is mentioned, the words love, refuge, safety, security, acceptance come to mind. The Martha in us would add: organized, clean, tidy, healthy. Our honest answers might be: chaotic, cluttered, crazy. After 20 years as a home educator, Laura Macfarlan understands the struggle of Mary hearts living in a Martha world. She shares insights on managing home and hearth well, creating a peaceful, joyful environment in which to raise our families. She also inspires us to meet daily with Jesus — how to dwell in God’s Word intentionally, and fill up so you are ready for the inevitable pouring out.