Korrie Johnson

Korrie is a wife and homeschooling mom of three. She started Good Book Mom with the desire to help you and the children in your life find books you both love, filtering everything through a Biblical Christian Worldview. If Korrie could be known as anything, it would be a follower of Christ.

Workshops from Korrie Johnson (may vary by event location)

Practical Discernment in Children’s Literature

This session is perfect for anyone who has asked the question, “Is my child ready for this book?” or “Should my child ever read this book?” Using well-known literary examples, learn how to practice discernment practically.

Help for your Dyslexic or Struggling Reader

Learn what techniques and components will set up your Dyslexic or struggling reader for success and how to implement them at home.

Things I Wish I Would Have Known as a Mom of Young Children

Learn from another mom’s mistakes and get some encouragement for those young years. Great for moms with children 10 and under.

Biblical Worldview, Culture