Kevin Conover

Kevin was handcuffed to an atheist to debate the existence of God for 24 hours by BuzzFeed on YouTube. When he’s not handcuffed to atheists, he teaches Christians how to share and defend their faith in the Bible. He has been teaching high school and college students for over 12 years and has an MA in apologetics from Biola University. His ministry, Educate For Life, is a professionally produced, easy to use, online Bible apologetics curriculum. Educate For Life teaches students how to respond to questions about creation, evolution, world religions, relativism, human sexuality, the credibility of the Bible and much more. With over 40 online streaming videos in HD widescreen, that include follow along notes, supplemental articles, memory verses, quizzes, and discussions questions, it’s everything a family or homeschool community needs to prepare their kids for a skeptical culture. It is also very affordable for everyone at only $4.99 per month(half off) during the convention.

Workshops from Kevin Conover (may vary by event location)

The Amazing Scientific Accuracy of the Bible

According to recent research, 72% of Generation Z, those born between 2000-2015,
don’t believe that church teachings and science are compatible. This session will cover 7 amazing scientific facts recorded in the Bible thousands of years before modern science discovered them, demonstrating that the God of the Bible is the God of science and creation.

Apologetics, Bible, Biblical Worldview & Culture, History, Science

Stunning Historical Discoveries that Give Proof for the Bible

What reason is there to believe that the Bible isn’t just a book full
of fairy tales? Discover 12 historical evidences that the stories recorded in the Bible actually happened. Learn how to respond to your skeptical friends and relatives when they ask how you know the Bible is true.

Apologetics, Bible, Biblical Worldview & Culture, Discipleship, History

Incredible Evidence of a Worldwide Flood

If there really was a Noah’s Flood what kind of evidence would we expect to find? Explore evidence from all over the world that the flood recorded in the Bible was a real historical event. From geological formations that could only have been formed by massive amounts of water, to marine fossil graveyards thousands of miles from the ocean, to historical records with unmistakable details, the evidence is irrefutable. Grow your faith in God’s Word by learning about the hard evidence that confirms the truth of the Bible.

Apologetics, Bible, Biblical Worldview & Culture, Discipleship, History, Science