Kent Darcie LPC

Kent Darcie is a Licensed Professional Counselor and founder of Adults with Divorced Parents Ministries which provides resources for ADP to address fears, anger, father hunger, and other issues and help them achieve healthy relationships with God, themselves, their spouse, and others.

Kent married Kathy 40 years ago, has written a devotional book for ADP, and is a popular speaker.

Workshops from Kent Darcie LPC (may vary by event location)

Adults with Divorced Parents: Learning the facts and breaking the divorce cycle

Kent’s presentation explores common issues that, often unknowingly, affect adults with divorced parents and produce a negative impact on their relationships. Kent addresses issues impacting adult children of divorce and adults whose parents waited until they were grown to divorce—which is called gray divorce and how Christ can bring healing to them and their relationships.

Gray Divorce: The Myths, the Issues, and a Path for Healing

This presentation defines what Gray Divorce is, the myths about the impact on adult kids when their parents divorce, the actual impact, and coping methods that equip attendees to handle the many and complex challenges in a way that honors Biblical principles. This topic is particularly pertinent for homeschool parents.