Kathy Burt

I, Kathy Burt, am a 30 year career educator, with experience in the public school system, a homeschool mom(of the 80’s) and the owner and administrator of two private schools. My passion is for the next generation and I thrive on helping them understand and attain the great potential they have been given. Currently I work for TEL Education, a missional organization desiring to make a quality and affordable college education avaiable to anyone, at any time, and anywhere. On the homefront, I’ve been married to my first husband 43 years, I have three very accomplished children, who married three awesome spouses and have blessed me with 9 extremely dauntless grandchildren. Life is good!

Workshops from Kathy Burt (may vary by event location)

Dual Credit Through Co-ops….Is It Possible?

TEL is excited to present to you a new option of dual credit. If you are a leader or participant of a co-op group, we invite you to come join us as we lay-out the details and the process of earning college credit through your co-op classes.