Karen DeBeus

Karen DeBeus is a homeschooling mom learning to live more simply and keep God at the center of it all. She is the author of four best-selling homeschooling books and writes at Simply Living for Him. She speaks nationally and recently spoke at the Bible Family Conference in Washington, DC. Her passion is to help others clear the clutter from their lives, seek God first, and to encourage women and families to get in the Word every day.
In 2020 she began the Simply Living for Him Online Women’s Community, a thriving community of over 1,200 women where she leads Bible studies and provides resources and encouragement for women to grow in their walk with the Lord. She enjoys life on her hobby farm with her husband and children. Together they are a work-at-home family pursuing a simple life with purpose and, above all, seeking to glorify God in all they do.

Workshops from Karen DeBeus (may vary by event location)

The Simple Homeschool Journey: Building a Family, Not Just a Transcript

When my daughter graduated homeschool and was off to college, all of a sudden it was like looking back in the rearview mirror and everything came into focus. What seemed so important all those years, all of a sudden wasn’t that big. And the things that may have seemed less of a priority, were actually the things that truly mattered. We kept our journey simple, followed God, and have seen the results. Nowadays when families get caught up in the rat race, the curriculum, and the “stuff,” it is more important than ever to remember to build your family FIRST and foremost, and build it on the foundation of God and His Word.

Discipleship, Encouragement, Mom Encouragement, Parenting, Relationships

Ten Things Every New Homeschool Should Know

With 15 years of experience, Karen has learned a myriad of lessons along the way in her homeschooling journey. If you are just starting out, feel overwhelmed, and are not sure what you are getting into, rest assured. Let Karen ease your fears and help you focus on what matters most. (this session can also benefit all homeschooling families that may need a refresher!)

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Building a Strong Foundation: Bible Based Homeschooling

Come and see how you can teach every subject with the Bible as your main textbook! Years ago, we spent an entire year in our homeschool using the Bible as our core. All of our lessons came directly from the passages we were studying- language arts, science, history, and even some math! It was the best year of our homeschool by far and the lessons learned were far greater than just academics. Maybe you need a break from your usual curriculum, or you just want to spend some time digging deep into the Word, come and be inspired on using the Bible to teach your kids as the foundation. And even if you don’t choose to use the Bible as your main textbook, we all must equip our children with the Word fo God now more than ever! Come and be inspired to do just that regardless of what curriculum you use.

Bible, Biblical Worldview & Culture, Discipleship

The Most Important Thing You Can as a Homeschooling Mom

No planner, system, method, or curriculum can be successful if you aren’t tending to your soul first. Be inspired on truly doing the most important thing you can do as a homeschooling mom.

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