Mrs Karen A. Farmer Wanamaker

Comprehension Kids

Nashville, TNRogers, ARMobile, AL

Karen is an elementary school educator, curriculum designer, professional storyteller and author. She has 40 years of award-winning teaching experience in public,Christian and Classical schools. This international workshop presenter shares easily implemented techniques for enhancing your reading instruction.A belief in interactive education to inspire a love for learning is the hallmark of the educational services provided for children and adults. With more than 40+ years of award-winning teaching experience and her enthusiasm and love of children are reflected in all aspects of her work.

Mrs Karen A. Farmer Wanamaker

Workshops from Mrs Karen A. Farmer Wanamaker ( may vary by event location )

If We Intend for Them to Comprehend – Primary Grades

The Comprehension Kids program is a five-part supplement to existing reading programs. The incremental approach supports primary aged children transitioning from concrete experiences to independent mastery of the abstract concepts used by mature readers. This practical, hands-on workshop will delight and inspire parents to “do things differently to make a difference”. The Kids program components begin with Reality Checks which are engaging real life experiences that create a concrete foundation for understanding comprehension strategies. Next, Demonstration Texts make use of children’s literature to illustrate the comprehension thought processes. Then, Interactive Graphic Organizers and use of Musical/Rhythmic devices ensure all learning styles are addressed while reinforcing comprehension strategies. Finally, Kid characters provide the perfect metaphor to assist independent memory of the processes needed for comprehension. The workshop will provide all the methods & materials.