Julie Melendez

Classical Conversations

Julie Melendez has served as the Southeast Regional Sales Manager for Classical Conversations for 10 years. Married for 27 years and homeschooling her children all the way through high school, she and her husband Chris have personally navigated the uncertainty and questions of homeschooling. Is this enough? Will they be prepared for college…for life? With all of her children tackling college, now married, working in the marketplace and active members in their local churches, they would both share what she learned along this journey of homeschooling in hopes to encourage you to run the race with endurance and finish strong.

 Julie Melendez

Workshops from Julie Melendez ( may vary by event location )

Essential Skills for Building a Strong Foundation

Discover five skills that can help your elementary-aged child love learning and get some parent tips that focus on pouring goodness into the soul of your child!

Asking the Best Questions Leads to the Best Answers

Come and practice using the tools of comparison and definition to help your children discover truth.

The Beautiful Consequence of a Strong Education

Come and practice strategies that will launch your child toward wisdom and knowledge in any subject.