Julia Nalle

Julia Nalle and her husband co-write a Classical/Charlotte Mason history/literature curriculum called BiblioPlan. Julia has several degrees and 40+ years of teaching experience and is currently enjoying teaching online. Julia has a heart for families struggling in the trenches of homeschooling and gears her talks to giving practical help and advice on a wide range of subjects.

Workshops from Julia Nalle (may vary by event location)

Top Ten Pros for Charlotte-Mason and Classical History from a former checked-out student!

Despite being an avid reader as a child and devouring hundreds of history-related books, Julia Nalle dreaded history in school. To her, history classes were a barrage of boring lectures and endless dates. Come listen as Julia, co-author of BiblioPlan shares her personal journey and how God changed her heart concerning history. Those changes have influenced her to rethink the importance of not only how we teach history, but who and why? In this session, Julia will offer 10 reasons why she believes studying history in the Charlotte Mason and Classical style is vital to your child’s education!

Biblical Worldview & Culture, Apologetics, Bible, Classical Education

Bits of Wisdom for Moms and Dads of Pre-K through 2nd graders

This session is homeschooling 101 for the just starting out, excited, nervous and deer-in-the-headlights parents of pre-K through 2nd graders. If you’re teaching for the first time, then come and hear from a veteran with 35+ years of experience who also happened to be a little herself a long time ago. Learn what works with this age and what doesn’t, what Julia did right with her own kids and what she wishes she’d done differently. Filled with practical advice, pearls of wisdom and a good bit of humor, this is a down-to-earth session full to the brim with useful help and advice.