Jon Louvis

Word of Life Bible Institute

Jonathan Louvis serves as the Enrollment Manager for the Word of Life Bible Institute. Jon grew up in a Christian home in northern New Jersey. He was homeschooled from 1st through 12th grade before going to a public university for a year. After one year at William Paterson University, he attended the Word of Life Bible Institute for a year. Jonathan is now finishing up his Marketing degree online while working for Word of Life full-time.

 Jon Louvis

Workshops from Jon Louvis ( may vary by event location )

Hand Them the Book

This seminar will highlight the importance of teaching the scriptures and equipping students to become self feeding follower's of Christ. Coaching our children to approach the scripture with confidence and anticipation is one of our greatest privileges as parents. During our time together we will unpack the importance of a intentional effort in this area of parenting and look at the age appropriate tools WOL has created to develop this self feeding mindset at an early in life.

Gap Year with a Purpose

A popular trend recently has been to take a year off after high school, calling it a "gap year." Many students see this as an opportunity to take a break and relax. However, there are also many students who take this year to set a foundation for the rest of their lives. This session will discuss the importance of that foundation and how a student can effectively take a Gap Year with a Purpose.