Joi Wasill

Decisions, Choices, and Options

A wife, mother, former high school teacher and, for 20 years, a nonprofit organization founder and director. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration from The University of Mississippi, holds a current Tennessee teacher’s license and has completed Sexual Risk Avoidance Education certification giving her cutting edge knowledge on best practices, quality of content and implementation of abstinence education programming in a multitude of environments.  Decisions, Choices & Options, Inc. (DCO) provides educational programs to public and private schools, homeschool parents and associations as well as faith based student ministry groups.  Her passion is to instill God’s amazing design into the hearts, minds and lives of youth so they experience the abundant life God has in store for them. If not working, she is likely to be heard 4 miles away if Alabama is playing football, or chatting it up with lifelong friends over lunch or standing in the driveway watching for her 21-year-old son to return home from college.  She and Bill have been married for 37 years and know the power of God’s grace, provision and redeeming love.

Workshops from Joi Wasill (may vary by event location)

Life Choices: Parental Guidance Necessary -Biblical sex education in a culture gone mad

Does it seem to you that everywhere we look today, parents seem to be losing influence and control over the information our children receive?  From online apps, gaming systems, and social media it appears that parental guidance is being bypassed.  Back in the day, our parents could look at a movie rating with the PG image and know whether or not it was appropriate for us.  This generation of youth are paying a very high price for the bypassing of parents in the area of sex, gender, relationships and God’s design of His creation.  The confusion and acceptance of ideas contrary to the plan God has for sex, marriage, relationships and life is ridiculed and destroyed in the minds of our youth.  This session will equip you with tools and resources to instill biblical sexuality into the hearts, minds and lives of the youth in your family and community.  Our desire is to see adults fully engaged in providing guidance and nurture to this generation in desperate need of spiritual wholeness, physical health and sexual integrity.