Jessica Phillips

Highlands Latin Nashville Cottage School / Memoria Press

Nashville, TN

Jessica has been imperfectly homeschooling her four children for ten years and a devoted Memoria Press user for eight. She is co-director of Highlands Latin Nashville Cottage School and the creator of the Sodalitas Gathering, a classical homeschooling conference for Memoria Press users. Jessica loves daily life with her husband and children, reading, connecting people, and finding beauty in the natural world.

 Jessica Phillips

Workshops from Jessica Phillips ( may vary by event location )

Latin for Regular Homeschools

Your interest is piqued by all the talk about Latin, but it seems unrealistic for your family. "Isn't Latin only for gifted students or parents who've studied it themselves? And starting Latin in second grade sounds ridiculous!" Come hear why putting Latin at the center of academics in your homeschool will streamline your language arts curriculum and improve virtually every other area of study. You'll leave with inspiration and a plan to start Latin in your homeschool this year!

Language Arts is Spelled L-A-T-I-N

The first years of language arts in the homeschool are wonderfully straightforward: teach your child to read by teaching phonics. Now your child can read! What comes next? How can you continue to give them the tools they need to master the English language?