Jennifer Pepito

Jennifer Pepito is the founder of The Peaceful Press, a company dedicated to creating whole hearted curriculum for homeschool families, as well as a podcast host for Wild and Free. She started homeschooling in 1998 and has graduated four of her seven children from her homeschool. She lives with her family in the foothills of California, where she enjoys coffee, good books, and spending time with her people.

Workshops from Jennifer Pepito (may vary by event location)

Teaching History and Making it Classical, Memorable and Fun

In this workshop Jennifer will show you how to use the Charlotte Mason and Classical methods to make the study of history your child’s favorite subject. She offers practical techniques for using great children’s literature, timelines and projects to make history come alive for your students, as well as incorporating other subject areas such as vocabulary, writing and art into your history studies.

Fearless Mothering

Jennifer shares how the books she read aloud to her children helped her overcome common parenting fears. This workshop includes practical tools for harnessing the power of story to cultivate courage and joy in your homeschool.

The Peaceful Preschool

In this workshop Jennifer will provide many ideas for using picture books, projects and independent work to meet the developmental needs of young children while teaching your school age students. You will hear scheduling ideas, book and game recommendations as well as humorous stories of how she managed to care for her own seven children during her several years as a missionary wife in Mexico.

A Divine Education With Charlotte Mason

A Charlotte Mason education can awaken your child to the beauty of the world around them, and to the unfolding potential in their own life to impact the world for good. In this workshop, Jennifer shares some of the wisdom of Charlotte Mason, and how to incorporate it into your own homeschool program in a way that is simple, but deeply enriching.