Jennifer Courtney

Jennifer Courtney is the Global Curriculum Director at Classical Conversations MultiMedia. She joined Classical Conversations in 2005, she has developed many curriculum components and co-authored several publications to support Classical, Christian Homeschool. An Oklahoma resident, Jennifer earned her master’s degree in English and currently homeschools the two youngest of four children.

Workshops from Jennifer Courtney (may vary by event location)

How can I give my children a better education than I had?

Many Homeschool Parents find themselves needing to teach things they have forgotten or never learned. So, we found ourselves asking “How can I give my children a better education than I had?” In this workshop, a veteran homeschool mom and curriculum developer Jennifer Courtney will introduce fifteen skills to practice on any material in order to learn together as a family. In this practical workshop, attendees will practice acquiring knowledge together to cement the definitions of these skills.