Jennifer Courtney

Classical Conversations

Waco, TX

Jennifer Courtney loves inspiring parents to restore their own educations while teaching their children. She, her husband Tim, and their four children ages ten to twenty reside in Oklahoma. They have home educated their children since 2005. Her eldest son has graduated and is in college, and her eldest daughter is on her way in fall 2020. She is the co-author of Classical Christian Education Made Approachable and Marvelous to Behold and a contributing author to the Classical Acts and Facts History Cards, The Question, and The Conversation. She is the compiler of Old World Echoes and the soon-to-be-released New World Echoes. Jennifer graduated summa cum laude with an Honors degree in English. Jennifer currently serves as the Content Development Manager for Classical Conversations MultiMedia.

 Jennifer Courtney

Workshops from Jennifer Courtney ( may vary by event location )

What if there was no homeschool nor public or private education? How would you educate?

When you were starting to consider what the best education system for you and your family would be, you were weighing out the pros and cons of one or more systems. In other words, you were trying to make a good choice between different sources. But did you ever stop to think how your children would get an education if there wasn't homeschooling, or private schools, or a public education system? Join us in our sessions to hear what other options would be or could be available.