Jeff McCullough

Pastor Jeff McCullough is a Musicianary (musician + missionary) who has dedicated his life to creating scripture memory resources that use auditory, visual and kinesthetic learning methods. Jeff started his professional music career at 13 and has produced over 600 cds in 32 languages. His songs are being used in thousands of homes, schools, churches and camps in over a hundred nations. To learn more about his unique ministry please visit

Workshops from Jeff McCullough (may vary by event location)

Creative ways to memorize scripture – You Can Do It!!

Combining music, motions, games and scripture to help people of any learning style have fun while memorizing. Everybody has a unique learning style. Explore ways to teach using all leaning styles at once with very effective results.

Bible/Scripture Memory, Fine Arts, Special Needs

Learning styles

Everybody learns in different ways. Learn fun ways to combine learning style to make learning effective. Jeff McCullough is a Gifted/ learning disabled adult who has dedicated his life to creating resources that help kids and adults with many learning styles and challenges. You will leave encouraged and excited. The goal is to make learning fun and effective. We will experience all kinds of learning techniques that make church and home exciting.

Bible/Scripture Memory, Encouragement, Other Academics, Special Needs