Jason J Lukawitz

Jason J Lukawitz is a loving husband and father, entrepreneur, author (ETronCircuits.com), and Business / Life Coach (PSCoachTN.com). He can be reached at [email protected] . He is passionate about equipping students with the skills and resources necessary to truly unleash their best, with the intent of seeing them change the world.

Workshops from Jason J Lukawitz (may vary by event location)

Introducing Electronics Into Your STEM Homeschool Curriculum

Unleash the Innovator Within

РElectronics are the components that make all the things we like in life operate.  Knowing and understanding how these crucial electronic components work and function together does not need to be intimidating, and knowledge of these important concepts position students to not only succeed, but excel in todays competitive marketplace, allowing them the potential to change the world with the innovation they develop.