Janet Benge


Nashville, TNAtlanta, GA

Janet Benge, along with her husband Geoff, is the author of the book series Christian Heroes: Then and Now and Heroes of History. She also developed and wrote curriculum unit study guides to go with many of the books. Combined there are over eight million copies of these books in print in 22 languages. The Benges, originally from New Zealand, served for ten years as missionaries with Youth With A Mission in the Philippines, Tonga, Hawaii, Texas, Montana, and on the Makah Indian Reservation in Washington State. Along the way they raised two daughters and an adopted a son, a street boy from the Philippines. Janet, a trained elementary school teacher, watched over and participated in the children’s schooling in many and varied ways. For the past 22 years of their 33-year- book-writing career, Janet and her husband have immersed themselves in writing inspiring stories for middle and high school grade children, which they are aware a large number of adults also read! Janet lives in Central Florida, where her two married daughters also reside. She currently has three young grandchildren, her oldest, a five-year-old grandson, has Down Syndrome.

 Janet Benge

Workshops from Janet Benge ( may vary by event location )

How To Turn A Book Into A Unit Study

Drawing on her public school teaching experience in New Zealand before becoming a writer, Janet has a passion for using an engaging book as a stepping-off point to many other areas of learning. Janet created the format for the Heroes Unit Study Guides and wrote the first ten of them. In this presentation she teaches how to start with a book and turn it into a unit study that incorporates all learning styles and the varied interests of students. She shows how to integrate everything from comprehension questions, essay writing, social studies to devotional applications into a unit study that is flexible and can be easily adapted for classroom, homeschool, and group use.

How To Create And Maintain A Thriving Reading or Writing Club

There are so many opportunities to create meaningful interaction around inspiring books. But where do you begin? Janet has been involved in reading and writing groups since her daughters were in middle school. In this presentation she shares a variety of ways to lead a reading or writing club for younger children, or how to support older students running their own clubs. These club groups can thrive anywhere from a homeschool co-op to a church youth group or Sunday school.

The Power Of A Story To Change Lives

This presentation explores why humans have always told stories, and how they shape our lives. The nonfiction Heroes Series of books written by Janet and Geoff Benge have sold millions of copies and have been translated into over 22 languages. Their books are widely distributed to libraries in state and federal prisons and are some of the first missionary biographies being distributed in Cuba. Through the process of writing these books the Benges have learned what makes a great story and why. They share some of these key concepts, along with stories of how their books have spread around the globe. They share heart-warming stories of how the lives of individuals, families, even death row inmates’ lives have been touched and transformed through power of the stories they write. They also challenge their listeners to begin sharing the stories that have touched their lives with others and see for themselves the life-changing power of stories.