James Staddon

James Staddon is a former homeschool student, now professional photographer and full-time photography educator from West Virginia. With a background in graphic design, his endless preoccupation with photography and love for Christian discipleship eventually led him to start up Lenspiration in 2009 to provide a family-friendly place for young people to learn photography online. He enjoys outdoor recreation, business entrepreneurship, and is usually on the go with his camera somewhere in the US or abroad.

Workshops from James Staddon (may vary by event location)

How to Take Amazing Pictures With Any Camera!

Just because you don’t have a fancy camera doesn’t mean you can’t take amazing pictures! It’s how the photographer thinks—regardless of what camera he’s using—that determines how a picture turns out. Learn from the professionals and soak in a host of simple photography tricks anyone can apply with any camera. Know what to start looking for. Know what limitations to start avoiding. There are special moments happening around you every day—learn to capture them well!

Fine Arts, Technology

Photography Fundamentals: The Secret to Shooting Like a Pro

Are your pictures not turning out like you want? Is “Auto” just not working for you? The automatic modes can be great, but they will only take you so far. It’s time to explore, be creative, shoot special effects, and override the settings that your camera is automatically choosing for you. Come take a look inside the camera to find out how it works, and learn how to “unlock” your camera so you can start shooting like the pros!

Fine Arts, Technology