Jackie Schlegel

In 2015, when legislators were led astray and filed oppressive bills that would take away parental rights and vaccine choice, Jackie Schlegel stepped up to the plate, said: “not on my watch,” and threw her hat into the political arena. In just four short years, she took a group of passionate moms and turned it into the epitome of grassroots activism, setting an unprecedented standard for the nation and even drawing worldwide attention. That fledgling group of 20 is now a political action committee and educational foundation, with over 30,000 social media followers as well as 12,000+ official members who proudly align themselves with Texans for Vaccine Choice. Thanks to Jackie’s endless energy and passion, this group is organized with local branches, core members, and team leaders impacting their schools, their communities, and their legislators. Her unshakeable dedication inspires all members to have a laser focus on their mission of protecting and advancing informed consent, medical privacy, and vaccine choice.

Workshops from Jackie Schlegel (may vary by event location)

Hot topics in the Texas Legislature

The Texas legislative session only lasts for 140 days every two years, and it is now well underway.  Over 7,000 bills will be proposed, but perhaps few will address topics as significant as we have planned for this meeting:  vaccines .  Will Texas mandate vaccines for all under the fear of Covid?  Will our freedoms be limited if we refuse?  I The best activists are those armed with the truth.  Come learn from two great organizations.