Jackie Mckennon

Life coaching with Jackie

Jackie is a home school mom of four for over two decades. Before becoming a SAHM she was a swim coach and family therapist. Holding a masters degree in marriage and family therapy.
As her season of homeschooling is winding down she has decided to use her coaching and therapists skills along with her home school experience to help those who maybe struggling or need some encouragement to continue on and enjoy their homeschooling experience.
She currently is a life coach doing just that. She can be reached at:
[email protected]

Workshops from Jackie Mckennon (may vary by event location)

Homeschooling in a changing world. Managing your expectations versus today’s realities.

Your kids are not growing up in the same world that you did. Today’s culture has dramatically shifted. Issues with sexuality, suicide and drugs have made their way into the homeschool world. Just homeschooling your children is no longer a guarantee that these problems won’t effect your children. Join us in a politically incorrect, no holds barred discussion on what’s going on out there and what we can do to that may counter act it. This is not a session you would want to bring your young children to. 14 and up would be my suggestion but you know your child the best.

Biblical Worldview & Culture, Discipleship, Early Childhood, Mom Encouragement, Parenting

What is life coaching and is it right for me

Come learn and explore the impactful lessons of life coaching. Whether going through a personal struggle, a difficult season or looking to change things up a bit, working with a coach can help you achieve your goals and might actually change your life!
This session will discuss some of the tools used in coaching that you can apply to improve your journey. Please come join us and take some time to invest in yourself!