Dr J. Aaron Gruben

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Waco, TX

J. Aaron Gruben grew up in Texas and New Mexico and currently lives in Denton, TX, where he works full time as a veterinarian. He was homeschooled and enjoys helping homeschool his five children. A veritable Renaissance man, he has been writing for 20 years and is the author of works of varied genres including chivalry school studies, humorous medieval fantasy, alternate history, historical fiction, and Christian living. Christ brought Aaron into his camp at the age of 9, and his relationship with his beloved Savior has been the center of his life ever since. His biggest attraction for writing is to bring Christ glory and help readers grow closer to Him. He particularly loves writing about historical subjects, aiming to highlight events and people that are often overlooked or misunderstood today. Each of his books has a specific message to help readers become better people and better Christians. When he is not writing or repairing sick animals, he enjoy reading, hiking, dancing with toddlers, pondering the meaning of life, and playing a variety of musical instruments. You can find his currently published books at www.nmgrubens.com or www.posttenebrasluxbooks.com.

Dr J. Aaron Gruben

Workshops from Dr J. Aaron Gruben ( may vary by event location )

Teaching the Ten Commandments of Chivalry

A lost art today, Christian chivalry was invented to teach sacrificial love. Examine the historical roots of chivalry, learn about Leon Gautier’s “10 commandments,” explore ways they still apply today, and discover practical ways to teach them to homeschool students.

Do You REALLY Want To Be a Veterinarian?

Many families have a child who wants to be a veterinarian, but few are aware of the difficulties plaguing the field today. This workshop by a homeschooled practicing veterinarian will examine some of the difficulties you will face in vet school and after you get out. We’ll also look at some positive aspects of being a veterinarian. In the second part of the workshop we’ll discuss practical tips for applying to and surviving vet school, and have a Q and A session.