Israel Wayne

Israel Wayne is a homeschool graduate and father of eleven who is passionate about defending the Christian faith and developing a Biblical worldview. He is the Director of Family Renewal and author of the books Answers for Homeschooling, Education: Does God Have an Opinion, and Raising Them Up: Parenting for Christians, among others. More information may be found at

Workshops from Israel Wayne (may vary by event location)

Homeschooling from a Biblical Worldview

Are your children prepared to face the “Real World”? Learn how to equip your children to stand against the flood of secularism that threatens to drown them. What is your worldview? How are you going to transfer it to your children? Will you be more effective than the media and popular culture? Discover how to teach your children to view the core subjects (and all of life) through the lenses of scripture.

Apologetics, Biblical Worldview & Culture, Discipleship, Encouragement

What About Socialization?

Do you know where the theory of peer group socialization originated? Learn what really drives the question: “What About Socialization?” Israel will go back in History and reveal the engineers behind modern social education theory. You may be surprised to learn what is truly behind this infamous question.

Biblical Worldview & Culture, Discipleship, Encouragement, Getting Started, History, Parenting, Relationships

A History of the Homeschooling Movement

Over the past 6,000 years, homeschooling has been the primary form of education for nearly every culture worldwide. Compulsory government schooling has only been around in America since about 1840, but it is so pervasive that for most parents, public schooling is all they have ever experienced. The modern-day homeschooling movement has taken America by storm, with nearly 2 million students being home educated nationwide. Learn about the origins of the rebirth of home-based learning, and discover God’s purposes and plans for the future of the homeschooling movement.

Biblical Worldview & Culture, Discipleship, Encouragement, Getting Started, History

The Biblical Basis for Parental Rights

Who owns the children? Does the state have a compelling interest in your child’s education? What are your rights as a homeschooling parent? What does the Bible teach about parental rights vs. the control of the State? Develop a Biblical theology of parental rights.

Bible, Biblical Worldview & Culture, Discipleship, Encouragement, Getting Started, Parenting, Relationships

Helping the ADD / ADHD Child

If you have a hyperactive or easily distractible child, you won’t want to miss this informative and sometimes humorous message that shares stories from his experience as an ADHD child himself. You will receive practical and Biblical insights into ADD/ADHD and will be encouraged that there is hope for your child!

Brain Organization, Early Childhood, Encouragement, Mom Encouragement, Parenting, Relationships, Special Needs