Heather Underhill


Nashville, TNColumbus, OH

Heather Underhill is Playologist Master with SimplyFun educational games and a homeschool support group leader in her local northeast Ohio community. Heather is a Highly Sensitive Homeschooling Mom who loves to come alongside other moms. Heather and her husband Jonathan seek to follow God’s calling to disciple their three children: Noah, Zoe and Selah. Heather is thankful to return to encourage families at Teach Them Diligently this year.

 Heather Underhill

Workshops from Heather Underhill ( may vary by event location )

The Highly Sensitive Homeschool Mom

Do you make it a priority to arrange your life to avoid overwhelming situations? Do you get rattled when you have a lot to do in a short amount of time? Do your children’s moods deeply affect you? If you answered yes to some or all of these questions, you may be a highly sensitive person or HSP. In this session, I will explain what it is like to be a highly sensitive homeschooling mom and how God can help you to faithfully teach your children even on the toughest days.

Learning Through Play

Play is an important brain-building activity. Children, teens and adults all benefit from participating in play as it is an essential part of life and development. In this session, we will explore ways to incorporate play into your homeschool to unlock the power of this valuable learning tool. Come join us for a fun and engaging workshop!

Our Highly Sensitive Homeschool Family

Those with a Highly Sensitive Personality trait view the world through different lenses. In a homeschooling family with one or more highly sensitive people, extra doses of grace and love must be extended daily. In this workshop, my teenage son, Noah and I will give you a peek into our sensitive world with loads of practical tips on how to thrive as a family. We look forward to sharing with you how we are finding joy in our sensitive family journey.