Heather Bitterling

Heather Bitterling has a talent to inspire, encourage, and impel others to achieve more than they might otherwise think possible. It was this special ability, combined with a love for Christ and the heart of a dreamer, that birthed the ministry of Arts Alive! (artsaliveky.com) and the LightShine Christian theatre curriculum. (lightshinepublishing.com)  Heather is a 20 year veteran homeschooling mother of nine with an infectious love of creative arts and the Kingdom of Christ!

Workshops from Heather Bitterling (may vary by event location)

The Pied Piper: How media is leading our children astray and what you can do about it

This session will look at the impact that film, literature, and music can have on our children. With 30 years experience in the field, Craig and Heather will give an insider’s view into the goals of the industry and how they package information in a way that can change our perspective little by little. They call on parents to be aware of what is entering their child’s heart and mind and offer clear strategies that your family can implement to change the tide.

Biblical Worldview & Culture, Discipleship

Training bold, confident, Christian leaders that can communicate truth to a broken world

“In today’s world, it is quite evident that it is not enough to teach our children truth, we must equip them to stand on that truth and “hold out the word of life.” In this session, Heather offers practical advice for training children to be bold about their faith, to lead by example, and to develop communication skills necessary for sharing the gospel.