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Fresh from a state tax audit to prove that yes, they're all ours, Hal and Melanie Young, authors of the award-winning _Raising Real Men_ and _My Beloved and My Friend_, are parents of six real boys and two real girls. They have homeschooled through eight high-risk pregnancies, three re-locations, two decades, and 181 degrees of longitude. Hal and Melanie have served on the Board of Directors of North Carolinians for Home Education for over 14 years, including three terms as President for Hal. Their articles have appeared in The Foundation for Economic Education, Homeschooling Today, the John Locke Foundation, Homeschool Digest, TEACH Magazine, Homeschool Enrichment, the N.C. Family Policy Council, the Heartland Institute, and more. Hal and Melanie have made more than 50 media appearances in venues as wide ranging as The Jesse Lee Peterson Show and the Bob Dutko Show to Mancow's Morning Madhouse and CBS Evening News with Dan Rather. They are sought-after conference speakers who routinely draw standing room only crowds with their mix of uniquely entertaining cross-banter and practical, powerful Scriptural principles. Their dramatized audiobooks, such as Hero Tales from American History by Theodore Roosevelt and Henry Cabot Lodge, are gaining a following across the country, as well. Hal & Melanie have glorified the Lord through extreme challenges, with Hal successfully fighting stage IV cancer and their youngest dealing with a life-threatening heart condition. Despite it all, the Youngs live in noisy, messy happiness in North Carolina.

 Hal and Melanie Young

Workshops from Hal and Melanie Young ( may vary by event location )

Raising Real Men: Surviving and Appreciating Boys

Have you ever had war break out during a play date? A single math lesson take three hours? Find your child turns every object into a pretend weapon? Then maybe you're raising a boy! Hal and Melanie Young have SIX sons and a wealth of experience and Biblical principles - and a sense of humor - to encourage and empower the parents of boys.

Shining Armor: Your Son's Battle for Purity

In a time when over 90% of boys have been exposed to pornography before they leave home, how can we teach them to keep their way pure? How can we help them walk in innocence when temptation lurks on a friend's phone and beckons just a click away? Hal and Melanie offer frank and practical advice for teaching sons from toddlers to adulthood about God's gift and Satan's traps in the realm of sexuality. (Material is appropriate for ages 12 and up - parent discretion suggested!)

Romance for the Exhausted

In the flurry of work, homeschooling, church, and extracurricular activities, things like romance and physical affection can sometimes seem like unattainable dreams. Where can you find the energy for romance? How can you revive your marriage and enjoy your relationship more every year? Hal and Melanie Young have been married for 30 years and homeschooling their eight kids for 26 - so they know the struggle is real! (For married or engaged couples, and nursing babies only!)

Parenting Pre-Teens

It comes as a surprise - it surprised us! - but your child's years from 9 to 12 can be some of the most challenging in your life as a parent. Long before you see peach fuzz on the chin or changes in body shape, you have to cope with their distractedness, tears, outbursts of anger and the "nobody loves me" blues. Somebody's got to be the adult around here, so learn how to survive these years -- and make the teen years something to look forward to, not dread!

Dating, Courtship, and All That

With the average age of first marriage approaching thirty, how can we make sure Christian young people are really prepared for marriage and parenting? It doesn't happen overnight. How can we navigate the confusing years of singleness with honor to God and each other? Should young men and young women be friends? Will my children ever marry? Hear Hal and Melanie's own courtship story and get practical encouragement with solid Biblical principles.

No Longer Little And Not Quite Teens

The turmoil of the tween/preteen years between nine and thirteen usually catches parents by surprise. Diligent students become addled and distracted. Kids raised in church start questioning the existence of God. Sweet children seem to climb on an emotional rollercoaster – and then invite you to join them. Don’t get a ticket for that ride! Resist the temptation to lose it yourself and instead, learn how to shepherd your children through this challenging age, in this funny and all-too-real workshop. Lay a foundation to make the teen years great!

How Not To Lose Your Teens

When you get to the end of your homeschooling and your child leaves home, things get real. At that point, the only thing you’ll have is relationship: their relationship with God and their relationship with you. Hal and Melanie’s four oldest children have grown up and left home and they’re now their best friends. Learn about encouraging research that highlights the critical importance of relationships in the spiritual life of our children. Find out how to rebuild strained relationships Get practical help to build the kind of relationship that will last through adulthood.

Your Marriage And Your Kids

Does your marriage affect your kids? You bet. It affects them profoundly. It impacts their security, their identity, and their sense of worth. Beyond that, our marriage toolkit will be the one our kids reach for in their own marriages. Come take a look at your own marriage toolbox, pick up a few new tools, and learn five ways to tune up your marriage to make it even better for you and your children. Give them a legacy that will help them build a good marriage.


Have you ever had a war break out in the middle of history or read aloud to a child sitting upside down? You may be teaching a boy! Research shows that boys and girls learn differently. Understanding the differences can help to preserve the love of learning and the academic confidence of our sons: the early birds, the late bloomers, and the boys who would really just rather not. Understanding what they need at different ages – before school, as young learners, in the middle school years, and in high school can make us better homeschool parents and make them better students. Come hear from parents who’ve homeschooled six boys from the beginning and graduated four so far, the award-winning authors of Raising Real Men, as they share solid research and practical advice on how to turn wiggle worms into scholars – and enjoy doing it!

The Battle For Our Sons

How do you teach a young man to keep his way pure when the red-light district is riding around in his shirt pocket – or his friend’s? How can you help a boy think about the future when all he wants to do is game all day? Media addiction and porn are derailing young men at a rate that is hard to even believe. Learn how to teach your sons a healthy, Biblical attitude toward entertainment and sexuality. Prepare them to make it a matter of honor to practice self-control, do what’s right, and have healthy relationships with girls. Get them in the fight because there are no bystanders in this battle and we don’t want our sons to lose. The stakes are too high

Getting Families Out of the House and Into your Group-- LEADERSHIP SUMMIT SESSION

Being a support group leader is frustrating these days! You go to all the trouble to set up an event and hardly anyone shows up. What do you do when you know homeschool parents need support, they need your group, but they don’t know it? How do you reach this generation? How do you get them to get involved? It’s not impossible, you just need to think differently. Come and learn how this generation thinks and how you can meet their needs and help keep the homeschool movement strong for our kids’ generation. This session is being presented as part of the TTD Leadership Summit.

What Gifted Kids Really Need

We may hope our kids will be really smart, but what do you do when they are? It can be intimidating to think about meeting the needs of a kid who’s blowing the curve, racing ahead, and seems to need more. Can you really meet his needs or would he be better off with professionals? How can you help him fit in socially? What about the future – should he graduate early or on time? Hal & Melanie went through both innovative and traditional gifted programs in school and after parenting and homeschooling several precocious children, they have a lot to say about challenging these kids academically, helping them to thrive socially, answering their spiritual questions, and knowing when to push them ahead and when to broaden out their education instead. Learn how to meet the needs of your bright child and enjoy doing it!