Hal and Melanie Young

Hal & Melanie Young are the award-winning, best-selling authors of “Raising Real Men,” “No Longer Little,” and “Love, Honor, and Virtue,” and the hosts of the “Making Biblical Family Life Practical” podcast. They are publishers, writers, bloggers, and popular conference speakers internationally, known for their Christ-centered focus and practical, real-life stories. They are the parents of six real boys (five grown!) and two real girls and live in noisy, messy happiness in North Carolina.

Hal & Melanie Young

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The Bible says that children are a gift from God – but why is parenting a boy such a challenge? They live in constant motion, unending distraction, noise without limit and curious to boot. Yet there’s a purpose behind the uproar, and if we seek out God’s aim for our sons, we take part in something incredible! Hal and Melanie have six grown sons, and in this workshop they will encourage and help you to reach the hearts and minds of your own young men.

Biblical Worldview & Culture, Discipleship, Early Childhood, Mom Encouragement, Parenting


The turmoil of the preteen years usually catches parents by surprise. Diligent students become addled and distracted. Kids raised in church start questioning the existence of God. Sweet children climb on an emotional rollercoaster – and invite you to join them. Don’t get a ticket for that ride! Resist the temptation to lose it yourself. Learn instead how to shepherd your children through this challenging age, in this funny and all-too-real workshop. Lay a foundation to make the teen years great!

Discipleship, Growth, Mom Encouragement, Parenting, Relationships


How do you teach a young man to keep his way pure when the red-light district is riding around in his pocket – or his friend’s? How can you help a boy think about the future when he only wants to game all day? Media addiction and porn are derailing young men at a rate that is hard to even believe. Learn how to teach your sons a healthy, Biblical attitude toward entertainment and sexuality. Prepare them to make it a matter of honor to practice self-control, do what’s right, and have healthy relationships with girls. Get them in the fight because there are no bystanders in this battle!

Biblical Worldview & Culture, Discipleship, Parenting, Relationships, Technology


At eleven, one of our boys was just learning to read and at fourteen he still struggled to spell three letter words. Little did we know that he’d be reading ancient philosophers for fun at seventeen and that he’d go to college on a full academic scholarship! In this workshop, we’ll talk about how to help your struggling learners through high school (and give them a love of learning!), how to get accommodations on the SAT and ACT, and how to find out what help a college can give them – and you’ll be surprised just how much they can do! Our struggling learner is on the Dean’s List at his college and getting accommodations that really help. Find out how!

Brain Organization, Encouragement, Homeschool to College, Mom Encouragement, Special Needs


Is it possible to have well-educated kids without drowning in a sea of drudgery? All five of Hal & Melanie’s homeschool graduates were offered academic scholarships to great colleges, even though they’ve been very relaxed homeschoolers – once Melanie got her feet underneath her! Learn the difference between learning and schooling and hear what’s important that you get done — and what’s not! This workshop will lift your burdens and free you up to enjoy these years with your children AND prepare them for their future.

Early Childhood, Encouragement, Homeschool Organization, Homeschool to College, Mom Encouragement

No Longer Little

The turmoil of the tween or preteen years between 9 and 13 usually catches parents by surprise. Diligent students become addled and distracted. Kids raised in church start questioning the existence of God. Sweet natured children climb on an emotional roller coaster – and invite you to join them! Don’t get a ticket for that ride – instead, learn to resist the temptation to lose it yourself. Find out how to shepherd your children through this challenging age at this funny and all-too-real workshop — and lay a foundation to make the teen years great!

Parenting Teens Into Adulthood

The transition to adulthood can be wonderful or it can be fraught with conflict and tension. How can you prepare your teens to step into adulthood with confidence, competence, and joy instead of anger, rebellion, and resentment? How should you relate to a nineteen-year-old who is still living at home or is home from college and thinks they’re all grown up? How do you interact with their love interests? Hal and Melanie have shepherded six of their kids into Christian adulthood and they can help you navigate these challenging waters so you can guide your kids into adulthood, too.

The Perils of Parenting Gen Z

What’s going on with our kids’ generation when 75% despair about the future, 42% are dealing with mental health issues, and a shocking number are struggling with sexuality and gender? Our grandparents formed The Greatest Generation, but they call our children’s The Most Fearful. Generation Z, now 10 to 25 years old, is known for social anxiety, gender confusion, mental health issues, and a rise in hopelessness and despair – at an age when earlier generations were known for idealism and optimism. Even if our own kids aren’t struggling, their friends and acquaintances are – and they feel the burden. Come learn about the special challenges faced by our kids, how to protect and prepare them for the battle, and the hope we share in the unchanging Christ!