Greg Stablein

Gateway Christian Schools

Nashville, TN

Greg has a pre-med degree with a double major in Biology and Chemistry and has taught college classes including Organic Chemistry and lab courses. He has done graduate studies in Organic chemistry and synthesized novel compounds for magnetic resonance analysis. Greg has taken an active role in the home education of their 7 children for 27 years. He found that home education requires the teaching of two generations—both the self and the child. He found that word roots and origins aided mastery of vocabulary in the same way that phonics benefited reading. It became obvious that some methods of education produced merely short-term results. The key to effective education is making studies practical, real, relevant, and perhaps most importantly, INTERESTING. Along the way, he learned math shortcuts and mental math, how to draw and how to speak Spanish. He developed a profound appreciation for the world of nature as God's creation.
Greg has been the Coordinator of the Total Home Education Program of Gateway Christian Schools for 29 years. In this capacity he has evaluated a great variety of teaching materials and counseled numerous families. During this time, more than 15,000 students have graduated.
Greg's hobbies include photography, bicycling, windsurfing, kayaking, rollerblading, ice skating, rock climbing, and bouldering.

 Greg Stablein

Workshops from Greg Stablein ( may vary by event location )

Get to the Point—How to Teach Conceptual Thinking in Math and Science

Though students have learned various procedures for math problems, they may lack "number sense." Why the difficulty retaining math that was previously taught? It is important to build on a solid foundation. Addition/multiplication facts need to be learned for instant recall, but this need not be done by direct memorization. Just as phonics builds better reading skills than sight-words, it is possible to build math reasoning so that “facts” become automatic. To keep math from being a foreign language, delay or minimize technical terms and symbols until after conceptual understanding with its application. Science studies the handiwork of God. The incredible diversity of the world shows His creativity. Show your children scientific laws and principles in everyday life—to see the simple amidst the complex. The mission of a teacher is to challenge the mind and show the unexpected. This seminar will demonstrate math and science concepts and application in everyday life.