Glenn Ransom

After having the opportunity to personally make over 8,000 in home presentations to parents and grandparents, our Father gave Glenn many ideas on how to solve the many challenges and excuses individuals face regarding having effective Biblical Family Devotions in their homes.
We created the Bible In Stories in 2006, we are now in the 3rd printing with 17,000+ Customer Testimonials. The set is personally endorsed by Josh McDowell, Jonathan Falwell, Elmer Towns, Matthew McDill and many other pastors, Sunday School Teachers, parents and grandparents. We recently had the honor of being featured on Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk broadcast!
Glenn and Kathy are BLESSED with six children, five of which are now adults. They have homeschooled their children all the way through. They reside on the family farm in NE TN beside the Cherokee National Forest. Their second grandchild is scheduled to arrive any day now!
Glenn has been challenging individuals, families, and congregations to get back to the Bible and Family Devotions since 1984. Glenn has helped over 1,500 entrepreneurial individuals earn over 12 million dollars. He has recruited and trained thousands to run their own businesses and ministries that now serve all over the world.

Workshops from Glenn Ransom (may vary by event location)

Bringing Back Family Time & Biblical Family Devotions

Want to bring your family together? Desire to help your family grow a relationship with God? Get caught up in not having enough time, struggling to understand things or cannot find what you’re looking for? This session shows you a tool to overcome these and discover the benefits of family devotions.