Ginny Yurich

Ginny is a Michigan homeschooling mom of five and the founder of the global 1000 Hours Outside movement. She is a thought-leader in the world of nature-based play and its benefits for children. Ginny has a BS in Mathematics and a Masters Degree in Education from the University of Michigan, she loves growing zinnias, and she is also an author and illustrator.

Workshops from Ginny Yurich (may vary by event location)


“All knowledge is rooted in wonder.” – Sharon Lovejoy Add wonder to your school year by gardening with kids. Learn how gardening will help your kids learn and will add joy and excitement to your school year. You’ll come away with lots of project ideas and inspiration!

Good Day, Sunshine

Learn how simply exposing yourself to sunlight will profoundly impact your health. More specifically, exposure to full spectrum sunlight in the morning will enhance mood, health, and nighttime sleep! A homeschool year that includes lots of natural light, will help every member of the family.

How to Combat Screen Time in a Tech Heavy World

Screens are everywhere, from the local pizza parlor to your minivan and everywhere in between. Screens offer considerable benefits in many arenas of life, but excessive use can severely hamper childhood development. In this session you will learn strategies to combat screen time in a tech heavy word.

1000 Hours Outside, How Nature Immersion Sets Kids Up for Lifetime Success

In the last few decades, childhood has largely moved inside. With so many great opportunities that vie for our time, it’s easy to consider outside play as frivolous. In this session, Ginny Yurich, founder of 1000 Hours Outside reveals how “just” playing outside offers a myriad of developmental benefits to your child and how these benefits will extend through adulthood. Do less and yet gain more with nature immersion!


Jump Start Guide to Homeschooling (Homeschool 101)

On a daily basis, parents around the country are wanting to bring their children home to learn, but they are often at a loss with where to begin. It can be overwhelming to start the process, but once you get going, homeschooling can be easy, refreshing, and enjoyable! Just like we often get a quick start guide to electronics, this session by Ginny Yurich, homeschooling mother of five and former public school educator, will be providing a quick start guide to starting your children on their home education. You will leave this session believing that you are the best teacher for your child!

Encouragement, Getting Started, Homeschool Organization, Parenting

Homeschooling, You’re Doing it Right!

Whereas the public school system is very uniform, the landscape of homeschool includes all sorts of variety. This variety can sometimes lead to confusion about the decisions we make along our homeschooling journeys. We know that God is a lover of variety. We can see that simply by looking at His creation. He made 7,000 different types of apples, for instance. In this session you will learn how to cater learning to the individual interests of your children and you will leave embracing the freedom that homeschooling offers each family.

Encouragement, For Men, For Women, Parenting

Teaching Across Many Grade Levels

One part of homeschooling that can be intimidating is teaching across many grade levels. The norm in our society is to group children together by age but research is clear that multi-age learning experiences benefit everyone. Learn some strategies for homeschooling (and juggling) kids of many ages from Ginny Yurich, homeschooling mother of five and founder of 1000 Hours Outside. Leave encouraged that this is the best option for learning and for living!

Getting Started, Homeschool Organization

Walk by the Way, Teaching Spiritual Truths through Natural Means

Bring Deuteronomy 6:7 to life! “You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise.” Opportunities to teach Biblical truths are all around us. Learn ten practical ways to teach truths through hands-on learning activities you can easily add into your school year.

Bible, Bible / Scripture Memory, Science