Eujeana Chism

Eujeana is a veteran homeschool mom of over 20 years, she has used BJU Press Homeschool materials to build a strong foundation for her four children. Education has always been very important to both Eujeana and her husband, Mark. They believe that BJU Press provided the high-quality academics needed to keep their children keep on track while allowing them the time to explore each child’s interests after academics. She homeschooled her children from the beginning and her last child graduated in 2014.

Eujeana has had the privilege of talking with homeschoolers all over the country, sharing what has worked for her family throughout the years to accomplish a well-rounded education for her children. All four of her children are now adults, three of them are married, and all are successful and happy. She became HomeWorks by Precept Consultant in 2004, grew to lead and build two different teams as a senior consultant, and currently serves as Manager, Trainer and Customer & Consultant Development.

Eujeana enjoys traveling with her husband Mark, blogging, and sharing about her homeschool journey and family travels. She also loves to draw and wood burn. Her life verse is Philippians 4:4 “Rejoice in the Lord alway, and again I say rejoice.”

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Workshops from Eujeana Chism (may vary by event location)

Managing Interruptions in the Homeschool Day

Managing interruptions can be overwhelming. We will discuss ways to prepare for those unforeseen interruptions during the homeschool day. We will also discuss scheduling, along with organizing and building an environment that keeps outside interruptions at bay. We will talk about what to do with lesson plans when interruptions seem to be interfering and making you feel further and further behind. Don’t let the interruptions get you down. They happen to all of us. There is a way to get through them and still be successful. Come join this session and be encouraged.

Decluttering, Encouragement, Getting Started, Growth, Homeschool Organization, Mom Encouragement

How Am I Qualified to Homeschool?

Do you hear this all the time? Do you want some ways to answer this question? I know I did. I will share ways to answer this question in a positive way. Come join us for some encouragement and fun in this session and we discuss this hot topic of being qualified to homeschool our own children. Bring your Bibles as we will reference several passages there where we are genuinely given the needed qualifications.

Encouragement, Getting Started, Growth, Mom Encouragement

Unravel the Frazzle

Eujeana will discuss different ways to get the time back so that you can enjoy some adventure time with your family. She will discuss ways to organize your time and lessons in order to keep your academics on track and still have time for other things that are so important to your family. So, come join the discussion on Organizing time, lessons, and activities in order to get it all done.

Brain Organization, Decluttering, Encouragement, Getting Started, Growth, Homeschool Organization, Mom Encouragement

For the Love of Reading

Eujeana will discuss ways to make time for enjoying reading again. Even a struggling reader can enjoy reading. Technology had even given us a better advantage. So, come join the discussion on Organizing time, lessons, technology and activities to bring that love of reading to life.

Encouragement, Reading / Phonics