Eujeana Chism

Eujeana is a veteran homeschool mom of over 20 years. She has had the privilege of talking with homeschoolers all over the country, sharing what has worked for her family throughout the years to accomplish a well-rounded education for her children. All four of her children are now adults, three of them are married, and all are successful and happy.

Workshops from Eujeana Chism (may vary by event location)

Tips for Balancing: Work, Family and Homeschooling

Work, family, and homeschooling are all full-time positions. We will discuss finding that balance that is important to get through the day. Part of finding that balance is scheduling our days, we will discuss what we need to know about our days to create a schedule. Evaluating your daily activities will be a big part of our discussion and then the tools we need to accomplish the goals set forth in each endeavor.

Brain Organization

For the Love of Reading

Eujeana will discuss ways to make time for enjoying reading again. Even a struggling reader can enjoy reading. Technology had even given us a better advantage. So come join the discussion on Organizing time, lessons, technology, and activities to bring that love of reading to life.

Brain Organization