Erin Weidemann

Truth Becomes Her

Nashville, TN

Erin Weidemann is on a mission to shift feminine value from beauty to inherent worth. A certified teacher, coach, and nationally recognized speaker, Erin is the founder of Truth Becomes Her, a global community that equips women to let go of fear and step into the unique leadership roles for which they were designed. She is the author of eight books, including Bible Belles' The Adventures of Rooney Cruz series.

 Erin Weidemann

Workshops from Erin Weidemann ( may vary by event location )

Heroes of Literature and Life

Since God breathed the eternal narrative and its characters into existence, we have been drawn to the stories of heroes. We are captivated and inspired by brave souls who stand up for justice, warriors who fight for truth, compassion, and love. In this workshop, Erin breaks down how to leverage the stories of heroic characters in the Bible to connect with your children and help them understand how God is calling them to live heroically and join Him in building His Kingdom.

Testimony: The Story God Wants To Tell Through Your Child’s Life

A powerful message lives inside your child's story. It can touch hearts, change minds, and create more space for God to work in the lives of others. Sometimes though, our children will have to 'get out of their own way' so they can tell it! In this workshop, author and speaker Erin Weidemann will show you how to teach your kids to map God’s fingerprints in their own lives and be able to share them for real and lasting impact. Topics will include: Create your child's Identity Road Map Help them discover God in their journey Teach them to share their story for maximum impact and influence