Erin Wainright

Erin Wainwright has been a homeschool mom for ten years, with experience both pulling kids from public school to homeschool as well as starting from the very beginning. This gives a unique perspective to a wider range of new homeschool families. Erin has graduated two children who went on to college and has a middle schooler still at home.

Erin is the admin of South Alabama Homeschooling, one of the largest support groups in the South Alabama region, and is the owner/operator of Erin’s Gulf Coast Homeschool Adventures, a field trip and activity group that hosts volunteer opportunities and provides extra learning resources.

She has also planned the Alabama Homeschool Capitol Day events. Her heart is in planning events and field trips, and finding out of the box ways to show the kids new ideas! Toddler and early elementary years were some of her favorites, but she has since found the fun in the middle and high schoolers way of seeing the world.

Workshops from Erin Wainright (may vary by event location)

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