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Erin Chase is on a mission to help shoppers spend less money on groceries week after week. Her popular award winning website, $5 Dinners, has helped millions of people do just that. By talking to $5 Dinners readers and hearing the struggles of different types of shoppers and different types of meal planners, she has created several resources, tools and classes to help shoppers learn how to save more money on groceries.

Her most recent resource, MyFreezEasy, was created to help the busy home chef get organized and feel confident in getting dinner on the table - despite hectic and chaotic schedules. She developed a "create your own freezer meal plan" web and mobile apps to meet busy people where they are and help them get what they need quickly.

The MyFreezEasy meal plans include recipes, shopping lists (listed by recipe and listed by store category), step-by-step ingredient prep instructions and step-by-step meal prep instructions. They are the most comprehensive resource available for getting meals into the freezer in a flash.

Erin enjoys training for and running half marathons, a good cup of sweet coffee, and relaxing with her family on weekends!

 Erin Chase

Workshops from Erin Chase ( may vary by event location )

Staying One Step Ahead of Your Hungry Family with "Time Blocks"

They say that the kitchen is the heart of home and that is certainly true in our home. I think that planning “time blocks” in the kitchen is one of the most important keys to keeping my home running smoothly, keeping “one step ahead” of myself, and not feeling like I’m drowning as I keep up with the never ending food needs of my 4 boys. We'll talk about the importance of planning ahead, how to keep up with your plan, stay ahead of your hungry family, and setting up time blocks and delegating tasks too! Join me!

The Grocery Budget Formula Workshop

In this interactive workshop, we'll look at the 5 most common grocery shopping mistakes that result in overspending and that terrible feeling that you're flushing money away each week. We will also work through my "grocery budget formula" to determine how much you should be spending. Then, we'll talk about what you can do differently to streamline your grocery planning routine and shopping habits - so you can keep more money in your wallet, where it belongs!

Dinner Redefined by a Clutter-Free Kitchen

Helpful (and somewhat minimalistic) strategies for managing your time, energy, and sanity in the kitchen. We will dig deep into the daily challenges of cooking for your growing family, and learn how the "less is more" approach can lead to a more satisfying experience in meal prep and enjoying dinner around the table as a family.

Freezer Cooking with the Slow Cooker, Instant Pot, Multi-Cooker and More!

Let dinner cook itself! A "Start to Finish" look at how freezer meals work, best methods for prep and how to cook them in your favorite countertop appliances.