Mr Eric Stasak

School of Business, Investing, and Finance

Nashville, TN

Eric Stasak purchased his first shares of stock in the mid-1980′s after graduating with honors as an engineer from Michigan Technological University.
His experience in common stock investing grew at the same time as his career expanded into business development in Europe. Early on he was dissatisfied with the clear disconnect between management fees and performance of mutual funds. He decided to focus on learning to manage and grow his money on his own. He became very proficient at identifying growth stock investments and stock market trends and learned how to engage the market carefully and successfully.
In 1991, during his decade of work in Europe, Eric read a Financial Times interview with Warren Buffett that changed his investing strategy. Buffett’s advice included identifying and investing strongly in a “handful” of investment ideas each year. Eric applied Buffett’s ideas and combined them with growth stock investing principles taught by William O’Neil. His efforts paid off with time.
By 1997, his investments had grown sufficiently that he left his full-time employment. From 2012 to 2018, he served as a community college Vice President and CFO. He continues to focus on common stock investing and has assisted many others worldwide in understanding and applying for themselves what he has learned.
Eric Stasak is a homeschooling father of 5. Since 2004, he has been teaching and guiding homeschool students about common stock investing, combining growth and value stock investing. Eric is passionate about sharing his knowledge of Business, investing and investing to the next generation! You will laugh with him about his successes and failures and be encouraged to try some new ideas on your own.

Mr Eric Stasak

Workshops from Mr Eric Stasak ( may vary by event location )

Beyond Gaming and Shopping … Exciting Ways to Use the Internet for Learning about Business, Finance and Investing!

Have your students learn on their own how to use the internet to identify and study companies that are growing - using the proven S.I.M.P.L.E. investing method developed by Eric Stasak. This method will serve your students all their lives as they learn how identify and measure the key attributes that make a company successful. This ability and tool will set your students apart when they are in an interview or in their own lives as stewards of financial resources. This fun and quick paced seminar will excite your students and give them a new vision for understanding business and using the internet and add purposeful subjects for discussion in your home!